Switch On! HLB Mann Judd - Conference Highlight Video

We’ve covered small conferences, lectures and workshops before, but the size of HLB Mann Judd’s conference was a new level for GINGERBEARD Media.

On top of the length, the number of attendees and just the size and scale of the conference, HLB Mann Judd, an award-winning chartered accounting firm based throughout Australia, asked us to edit their conference video on site so that they could watch it as part of the closing presentations.

So to put this into perspective, this meant shooting the speakers, the panels, the breakout sessions and two evening networking events over two days, and by 4pm of the second day of the conference, to have the finalised video ready to be shown to around 300 attendees.

Yep, no pressure there then!

Let’s take a look at what we created.

Now shooting and editing an entire conference in such a short period of time is never going to be an easy task.

Originally HLB Mann Judd wanted to show the conference as a highlights video, with music, but without any audio grabs from the speakers. This was a reasonable request to try and assist with a smooth delivery. But we felt that the audio grabs from the presenters would really help bring the video to life, and help deliver a better product for the client based on the length of video they wanted to show. So we worked with the organisers and the sound managers to record and edit in some of the key audio grabs. We really feel this helps bring a mood and spark a memory about the conference.

Behind the scenes, HLB Mann Judd truly showed their commitment to the project by allowing for a hotel room at the conference to be used to set up an edit suite. This certainly raised some eyes from staff when they have a whole editing computer taking up their hotel room table.


Logistically however access to this room meant that late night and early morning editing could take place outside of conference hours, footage could be downloaded whilst shooting continued and client reviews could also take place - all without leaving site.

When time is of essence, its this sort of support that really helps deliver a project successfully.

A massive thanks to HLB Mann Judd for their support in creating their project - without it, we don’t believe it would have been as successful.

If you’re looking for a video production house that really works with you to deliver your vision, then we’d love to have a chat about your next video project.