Ashburton Crane Hire - New Town Toyota

We previously worked with Ashburton Crane Hire to deliver a Business Introduction Video Package.

But once delivered, owner Guy, immediately saw the value and asked us to create some social media content on their next project to help market their business.

We headed over to New Town Toyota where Ashburton Crane Hire’s team were hard at work.

When creating content for social media, the challenge is ensuring that clients have enough content to be able to use their media again and again. Sure one video is powerful, but often we can find more value for our clients by creating a series.

There is nothing worse than having the same media being seen again and again - it doesn’t add value to the viewer.

So for this project we created a total of 6 videos - each with a different perspective.

The 6 videos comprised of:

  • A full length case study - great for embedding on the clients website and using in meetings and email marketing campaigns.

  • A short version of the case study - great for social media content and marketing campaigns

  • A full length testimonial - again great for embedding on the clients website and email marketing campaigns

  • 3 short testimonial “soundbite” clips - perfect for social media content and marketing campaigns

And, we delivered a number of the videos optimised for YouTube, Facebook and Instagram…. as well as including captions to increase watch-time and engagement for those who use social media without sound on.


The videos we’ve created have allowed Ashburton Crane Hire to really get out and market their company in a range of different ways on a range of platforms.

They can engage viewers on their website with an embedded YouTube video, or capture the eyes of a potential client on social media on Facebook and Instagram with a widescreen or square video, with or without captions.

If you’re looking to create content for your social media with a company who provides you with great value, you should have a chat with us - just get in touch.