Everything You Need to Know About Creating Facebook Cover Videos

The space at the top of your business or brands Facebook page is valuable real estate. So are you putting it to good use?

Let’s talk about that!

The Facebook cover space is great real estate for introducing your brand, and it’s probably one of those times that video really does trounce over having just an image in that space.

With video you can provide so much more of a feel for your brand, product or company to your viewers.

The Techy Stuff

Let’s run the basics…

The video needs to be between 20 and 90 seconds in length, and of a resolution of 820 pixels wide/horizontal and a vertical height of 462 pixels. That said, we’ve often found that 820 x 312 actually works best.

But I can add videos with other sizes!

Yes you can - you can select any video from your video library - so long as it’s the right length… but the main issue with doing this is that Facebook will need to crop the size, which you can control, but only within a small limitation.

So ultimately, if you want the video to play exactly as you want it to play - it’s best to format it to the right size.

Quick Tips

Keep it eye catching!

This space is quickly scrolled past as users explore your page - so it needs to be faced-paced and eye catching. Sit down interviews and dull visuals have no place here!

Yes we want to showcase your brand, business or product off as best we can, but we’ve got a very short timeframe to do it, so keep the cuts short and engaging.

Edit without sound

You can provide these videos with/without sound, but the truth is that it is unlikely that anyone will listen. Unless the viewer clicks on the video, then it wont be played with sound.

And because it’s without sound, its not the place for scripted presentations to camera talking about your business or product.

Text and Captions

Overlayed text is a great way to help communicate your point, especially when sound, like a voiceover is not being used. But don’t switch to using captions - it’ll make the video feel cheap.

Keep it Short!

The video length might be a maximum of 90 seconds, but if you wait the full length to insert a call to action or your branding then you will have lost most of your viewers at this point.

These videos are never going to have high-watch times, so you need to make sure your video is linking back to your branding to really help link the images to your company.

So What Do You Do?

At GINGERBEARD Media we’ve used Facebook cover videos in a range of ways. But more recently our work with WesTrac saw us break their video up into different sections, using reinforcing text on a specific message in each section, break with branding and repeat.

This methodology means that we’re keeping the viewer engaged, we’re keeping the branding throughout and we’re helping to sell being employed by WesTrac through the text that outlines their employee benefits.

Let’s wrap this up!

So there you go - everything you need to know about Facebook Cover Videos - the why, the techy stuff and the tips to make them more engaging!

Plenty more info like this to come. So stay tuned to our blog, check our all our free learning resources, head over to the YouTube Channel , find us as a podcast, or consider joining our free Facebook group - How To Shoot Video For Your Business - where we release these videos earlier to a community of business owners looking to shoot their own videos.

As ever, I hope this article is of use to you and your business, and I look forward to seeing you back here soon!

Until next time,

Beard Out.