Hiring A Video Editor For Your Business

If you've ever thought about shooting your own video content, but have someone else edit it - then this is the episode of How To Shoot Video For Your Business just for you!

Head Beard Bruce discusses his thoughts and experiences with hiring locally, hiring locally but working remotely and hiring through the 'internets'.

We're trialling a longer, more pod-casty vibe to this episode of How To Shoot Video For Your Business and we'd love to hear your thoughts on this change of length of podcast... and of course if you have any questions about hiring a video editor.

Some key take-away points from this video

Hiring to work Internally

Pros: You can better keep an eye on workflows and manage the person as needed. Communication and file transfer is the easiest. A more “company engaged” video editor.

Cons: You need a physical space for the person, and they’ll need to access that space - so if you work from home and need to go out, it’s something to consider. Typically more expensive by the hourly rate (in western markets vs 2nd/3rd world employees).

Hiring locally, working Remotely

Pros: They can work at the times you require without needing premises access

Cons: Hours and work can go unmonitored. Internet connection speeds for transferring files can be an unknown. Communication can be an issue. Cost remains

Hiring via the Internet

Pros: Cost is usually a lot lower per hour. Independent workers

Cons: Communication is often hardest - with different languages and time-zones often creating problems. Whilst hourly cost is down, total cost can often rise as they go unsupervised. You are often in the editors hands - so checking experience, work prior to starting is key.

Let’s Wrap This Up

Hiring people is never an easy task, it doesn’t matter what industry you work in.

You can do all the right things and end up with a pearler of an employee, and do exactly the same and end up at the other end of the spectrum.

But if you’re looking for some advice - Make sure you ask some questions before you hire (more in the video), and try and keep an open dialogue throughout whilst they work with you - verbal communication about visual mediums is hard, but having open communication is definitely key to getting it to work.

Consider a trial period if you’re starting someone… but do the creative industry and yourself a favour - make sure it’s a paid trail. Those who work for free aren’t the people you’ll want for your videos and as the saying goes - you get what you pay for.

As ever, I hope this episode has been useful for you - get in touch if you have any questions.