F45 - Client Testimonials

If you’re a business who has lots of interaction with the public where there is a transformation journey (think gyms, swim schools, universities, martial art and dance schools, sports clubs - where someone drops weight, gets healthier/fitter or learns a new skill….. even mechanics) and you’re looking for video content to promote and market your business, then client testimonials are a great way to capture this.

And that’s exactly what F45 East Fremantle look to us to create for them recently.

We headed over to create 17 Soundbite testimonial video clips and 3 short video teasers all for their social media marketing.

Let’s check out a sample of what we delivered.

One of the things that makes GINGERBEARD Media different from other video production companies is that not only do we look to give better value from what we shoot - often cutting/re-cutting interviews to allow more content to be created, but we also deliver the media in a range of formats - optimised for different social media platforms.

So in this case for all of the videos, we optimised 16:9 versions for YouTube and Facebook, but also provided a 4:5 ratio which really works on social media like Facebook and Instagram.

So lets take a look at some of the other videos and see what sort of reactions they go on social media.

As you can see those videos racked up 2,400 and 3,150 views retrospectively.

And that’s for just two of the 17 videos that we delivered.

Could your business be helped if it could reach more potential clients?

Testimonials are a great way to capture your client’s journey, their thoughts and feelings on your business and help you to engage with other potential clients. Your clients words are more powerful than yours;- mainly because viewers feel they are more independent and can be trusted.

So next time you’re thinking about shooting video - consider creating a testimonial video;- it’ll help market your business better.

As ever, if you’re interested in using video to market your business, we’d love to have a chat - just get in touch!