Toyota Rav 4 Laser-Light Show at Optus Stadium

At the recent West Coast-Essendon AFL game at Optus Stadium, Toyota deliver a world’s first laser-light show and looked to us to help assist them in delivering a social media highlight video on the event.

The role from Toyota seemed pretty simple;- using two camera streams and drone footage, create a highlight video for social media of the recent laser-light show at Optus Stadium at which Toyota showcased their new RAV4.

How did we get on?

Whilst on initial overview and outcome of this project it is a relatively simple video, there were a number of technical issues and challenges behind the scenes to get us to an end product.

Namely despite testing by the camera crew, when the lasers were filmed, footage of the lasers appear to flicker, Toyota looked to us to solve their problem during our edit.

Our solution?

First we worked collaboratively with Toyota to identify potential shots to change out. Then we cut between the real life footage and, using a digital mock up which was originally purposed for planning the laser show, we masking, matched the shot and placed it within the stadium to align with the original.

The end result is that the video showcases the laser show in a way that the audience experienced, despite many components being ‘fake’in the video.

You can find out more on the lasers from Genius Laser Technology, this video shows some behind the scenes on the laser production at Optus.

To deliver this project we worked as we do with all of our clients;- collaboratively as part of their team. Understanding their concerns and issues and working to create the right results for the project.

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