Toyota WA & West Coast Eagles - Car Challenges

This was our first larger project with Toyota WA and the West Coast Eagles - our scope;- to create a series of videos for social media which leveraged the West Coast Eagles brand to help market Toyota.

We delivered a series of 5 videos

Our series kicked off with the launch of this video about pre-season training - with the concept that whilst the Eagles players were hard at work… how did their mascot get ready for the season?

A highly stylised edit brought this piece to life.

Our second video saw Shannon Hurn and Lewis Jetta battle it out to change a tyre.

Now if you’ve ever changed a tyre you’ll know that it’s not exactly a quick process - so our challenge here was to create a fun engaging quick video for social media

The third video saw Shannon Hurn go up against young gun and natural driving talent Elliot Yeo. In fact we had to keep pushing and pushing Elliot to go faster just to make him mess up to get the reaction you see at the end of the video.

If we thought Elliot was good at reversing only using a rear camera, then he had another trick up his sleeve when it comes to reversing. When we put him in the Land Cruiser to reverse a trailer, he claimed he had never done anything like this before. Excellent news for us - we would get some amazing reactions. Instead, Elliot smashed the course… twice…. so we had to change to make it impossible for him to complete - just to get a reaction from him. Lewis on the other hand took things so slowly and precisely that we had to call a time out.

Our final video for the series - sending Lewis and Elliot round Barbagallo race track in a Toyota 86 whilst trying to complete a rubix cube.


How was it received?

Brand integrations are notoriously difficult. People follow pages usually for one reason - in this case they want to see how their team is doing - they don’t always want to step out of this realm.

But despite concerns, all videos were received across all the social media platforms well. In fact these videos are some of the highest performing on their socials.