Beta Spuds - Corporate Videos

When Beta Spuds contacted us they were looking for help to improve the communication with their customers - the “big two” supermarkets as well as a series of smaller independents.

With many of their clients being based over on the east coast and sometimes not familiar with their product and/or work processes, they wanted to use video to tell their story and explain their business better.

We worked with Beta Spuds to collaboratively develop a workscope and script before completing a series of shoots to capture their farm and potato processing shed at work, before engaging a 3rd part for a professional voiceover to tie the video together.

During the production we also delivered a shorter “preview” version to help Beta Spuds as they showcased their products at the Royal Show. This version was shown on a large TV as part of their stand.

We delivered 3 versions of the main corporate video - each one customised to their target market/viewer. This really helped Beta Spuds to better engage with their clients - ultimately building a better relationship with them.

And these assets to the business means that as their clients change, they can provide these videos as introduction to their business - again helping to improve that relationship, and ultimately do better business for them.

If your company is looking for a corporate video, then why not get in touch with us?