Facebook Cover Video - WesTrac

As an extended part of our workscope with WesTrac’s national recruitment campaign, we were asked to create a Facebook cover video.

As the footage had already been shot this meant editing together key shots, reflective of the business and their messages, in a short video.

So Why Use a Facebook Cover Video?

Facebook allows business pages to upload an up to 90 second video to a space at the very top of the page. It’s a great way to introduce your business and brand to visitors, really without them even thinking about it. The video typically auto-plays, it’s view-able on computer and mobile devices, so in all honesty, it’s a powerful tool that is often overlooked by businesses as a way to get their message across.

What do you recommend with Facebook Cover videos?

Our recommendation for Facebook cover videos, is firstly, to actually use them. As mentioned above it’s a great way to give some feeling on your brand without the visitor really consciously realising.

But now you’ve decided to take the leap into cover videos, what do you need to think about.


Firstly - and potentially most importantly, sound. If the video is autoplayed, then its done so without sound. So if you’re planning on using a scripted piece to camera, then it might be worth re-thinking. The sound wont be heard, and for this medium, captions are likely to look ugly and out of place.


Its a short timeframe - a maximum of 90 seconds, and realistically, it’s shorter than that - as most viewers will scroll past it unless something catches their eye. So lots of movement, cuts and transitions will help catch the eye and hopefully hold them in. We’d also suggest that you think about text to reinforce your message - if you’re trying a more “sell” or “storyline” approach.

In this approach for WesTrac we combined a short individual message with a piece of branding, and then repeated that strategy as we move through the video. Leaving your branding or a call to action for the end of the video, especially if it’s 90 seconds long is likely to be missed by your viewer.

Reduce Costs: Capture as Part of the Process

Shooting just to capture a Facebook Cover Video can become a costly affair if you’re shooting for longer periods of time and only deliver one video gained from the process, . So often for us we often include these in the packages we offer so that we’re creating and delivering multiple products for the client - tools for them to really help market their business.

WesTrac’s Facebook cover video

For WesTrac we had already footage from shooting a series of recruitment videos for their national recruitment campaign. So it was a case of selecting the best shots, making sure their messages stood out and were communicated well, and mixing that with some branding.

And what we ended up with was this:

Our Facebook Cover Video now sits proudly at the top of WesTrac’s Facebook page, autoplaying for all those who come and visit.

WesTrac Facebook.png

If you’ve worked with us in the past, then it’s likely we’ve got enough footage to create your own Facebook cover video, for many of our Video Packages, we now include a Facebook Cover Video as part of the package.

Either way, whether you’re looking to create video content or have worked with us in the past, creating a Facebook Cover Video is definitely worth while to help build your brand’s message.

As ever, get in contact if you’d like us to help create yours!