How to Generate Ideas For Your Next Business Video

As business owners, we should be always looking to put out video content on our social media platforms.

But the issue with this constant need for content…. is coming up with the idea.

In my last article/video I gave you 9 ideas - perhaps read that after this one if you’re still searching around for ideas. Go here:


But I think the more long term solution is to give some thoughts and ideas behind how you can come up with your own video ideas - that way you don’t need to keep searching - you can develop your own!

So lets talk about that!

My personal opinion is that there are 4 main categories of video ideas.

Videos that “Tell”

Wrongly or rightly, these are usually the most common type of video. They are designed to ‘tell’ the viewer a message - usually a sales message. They can be about a lot of different subjects - be it your company, your product or your service, but the message is a very outward bound one. They really ‘tell’ the viewer exactly what you want them to know - not necessarily what they want to know.

So if you are shooting ‘videos that tell’, then it’s important to make sure that not all your videos fall into this category. Long-term it won’t help engage your viewers.

Videos that “Help”

Firstly videos that ‘help’ people are unlikely to directly result in sales, however they are massively important to help build trust in your brand. Delivering a successful ‘help’ video relies on a change in mindset;- away from thinking that you’re giving away your business by divulging knowledge, to one that no matter what you ‘give away’ in the terms of knowledge and experience, it will result in people learning more about your business and therefore trusting what you do - ultimately seeing better value of your product or service.

Lowering Barriers of Entry

Often businesses will have some form of negative perception around what they do - be it high cost, unsafe or generally unsuitable for your potential customer. Video is a great way to challenge those perceptions. Remember to keep your information positive, rather than aggressive or negative - a positive ‘education’ will really help people to challenge their thoughts. What you’re trying to do is change a perception of a negative aspect - so put yourself in the customer’s shoes and talk about their concerns.

Answer Questions

This is a really simple, but often overlooked method of generating content for your business. Answering questions about your product or service can really help to engage with viewers - after all they’re getting a direct response to things they want to know about.

The common question here is - how to generate these questions? I’d suggest you look inside your business, talk to those speaking with customers, look for trends or patterns - answer the questions that get asked over and over again. Look at what comes in on email, or via your social media channels, and speak to customers directly about what their questions were when they signed up with you.

Let’s Wrap This Up

So there you go - how you can be self-sufficient in the video ideas department.

As ever, I hope this article and video have been useful. You can find more articles and videos just like this here on the blog …. or stay tuned YouTube Channel or consider joining our free Facebook group - How To Shoot Video For Your Business - where we release these videos earlier to a community of business owners looking to shoot their own videos.

I look forward to seeing you back here soon!

Until next time,

Beard Out.

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