Kirby Swim - Swim Academy

Long-term followers of our work will remember our work with Kirby Swim to deliver their main promotional video some 3 years ago, to their pool tours for Karrinyup and Melville, and delivering a whole series of social media content on a number of occasions.

This time we headed back to Kirby Swim to shoot a series of short promotional videos for their new Swim Academy.

Let’s check out the short main promotional video that we delivered for Kirby Swim.

We actually delivered a series of 7 short videos for Kirby Swim to use as part of their marketing and promotional work with their Swim Academy.

We delivered the main promotional piece (shown above), and then a series of 6 short information videos which help parents to understand why the Swim Academy might be suitable for their kids and some of the misconceptions around swim academies.

Short Information Videos

Let’s check out some of the short information videos that we created for Kirby Swim.

Why our videos are different

There’s a couple of key points that you may have noticed here about the videos - that they are of different sizes and have captions.

Size Formatted for Social

More and more of our clients video is being placed on social media - Facebook and Instagram, as opposed to YouTube. And because it’s being used that way, we format appropriately for those platforms. Now unfortunately, this seems to be changing on a constant basis, but as a small media production company it means we’re agile enough to stay up with, if not in front of, the latest ‘best’ sizing format.

So at the moment that means that YouTube wants/needs 16:9 (widescreen), Facebook and Instagram wants 16:9, or 4:5 ( a short vertical format), as well as a square 1:1 format. And so with this project, as with many of our projects we rendered final copies for the videos in these formats.


Again, because most of our work ends up on client’s social media platforms - captions are becoming more and more important. Reports suggest that up to 85% of Facebook video watchers, do so without sound - so captions really help fill in the missing message here.

Lots of Versions

So with our 7 videos, we actually ended providing 4 different versions of each - a 16:9 widescreen format, a ‘social’ 4:5 edit and then both with and without captions. And we included a captions file as well - so that this could be uploaded as a ‘turnable’ on/off feature to videos.

For us…

For us it’s about anticipating what the client will need and having it ready to go before they even ask for it. A lot of the time, it’s about advising our clients the best way to achieve their end goal. This doesn’t mean ‘railroading’ clients into decisions - it’s about providing pro’s and con’s to both sides, providing our professional advice and then letting the client make a decision that’s right for them.

And this project is a prime example of that. We worked with owner Bill on the day of the shoot to really understand his project, advising him best how to get there, and coaching him through presenting the information. Then in editing we saw opportunities that would better benefit Kirby Swim when they went to use the videos. And some we just do - like providing different versions of the video - because we know it will work better for our clients.

Let’s wrap this up…

So if you’re looking for a video production company who looks after it’s clients, who advises using the latest information to keep your media content ahead of your competition, it might be worth having a chat with us - just get in contact.