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9 Ideas for Your Next Business Video!

As business owners, provably the biggest struggle with video that we have is …..working out ideas for content.

We can sit there and google away, but often googling phrases like ‘video ideas’ ends up in a world of hurt because they’re just not relevant to the business world.

So in today’s episode, I thought I would give you 9 simple video ideas that you can implement for your next business video.

Let’s check out the video and then expand on those ideas below.

The Fine Print

First up is a bit of small text…. you know that legal print, fine print type stuff…. yes boring, but important!

And that is really that, as ever, shooting video for your business is great, it’ll really help you to reach more people. But …. planning out your content in a larger strategy/plan will really help your business in the long term. It’ll help you to know what you need to shoot, and it’ll help with delivery. Trust me when I say, strategy will help keep those anxious feelings in check!

Now…. On With The Show!

#1 Company Videos

Company videos are designed to show who you are, what you do and why a potential client should pick you over a competitor. Now, typically here we find business owners will put way too much information in these - so they end up being about 10 hours long.

Tips to keep these on track? 1) provide an overview of the business. Keep it really high level - and don’t forget if something becomes irrelevant, you can always change it next time. And 2) if you’re really struggling to keep it short, then pick one aspect of the company and talk about that, then do the same for other areas. You’ll end up with more to edit, but you’ll also end up with more content to use for your marketing… which is actually a massive help.

#2 Product Videos

If you sell products to your customers, then look at doing a video on your products. Keep the video short and talk about the value that it brings to the client. You can split the videos into one video per product to get more content, again keep them short and snappy. And if you’ve got a similar product line, you could consider an overview video to help show the differences between the range.

Top tip - don’t include price - it’ll help make your video last longer - if the price changes, then you’ll need to update the video :(

#3 Product Demonstration Videos

Potential customers love to see products being reviewed and demonstrated at work. So grab your camera and show how easy your product is to use. If you’ve been receiving questions about the product, then take time to see if you can answer some of those. Use this opportunity to show how much value your product brings to your clients.

#4 Testimonial Videos

Whether you have a business who sell a product or delivers a service, then a testimonial video is a great way to capture what your clients think. Find your biggest supporter(s) and ask them if they would mind capturing some words on camera. These videos don’t have to be long and sometimes the raw ones work best as people don’t feel like they’re being sold to.

So ask questions like - can you describe your experience with us/our product? what was the best thing about our product/service? and who would you recommend the product/service to?

If you get more than one person to answer, you could cut these into a highlight video - combining all the best responses. There are so many options to create content here!

#5 Employee Profile Videos

What makes your business, especially when working in a local market are the people behind the business. And we all know how important it is to build a relationship with our clients. So why not introduce some of your staff to your clients through video?

As a heads up - Nearly everyone finds being on camera uncomfortable, so it make take a while to get a video you’re happy with here, so recognise it takes time for people to get comfortable on camera. Maybe do it a few times over a few weeks, until everyone is happy/comfortable with the message.

Remember you’re only looking to introduce someone, maybe a little on their job role. Introducing personal ‘facts’ can help to break barriers and give potential customers something to connect with… but try to keep it aimed towards the professional side and what value they bring to the customer. Start with those who interact most with clients.

#6 Update Videos

Regular update videos, think of them like company news videos, are a great way to regularly connect with existing and old clients. A massive key here is keeping them relevant to the client. Yes it’s great that you’ve hired an accounts person to help reduce your workload, but the ‘sell’ to the client is that they now can connect with a dedicated accounts person and that their accounts will get handled quicker and more effectively. It’s all about value for them!

#7 Tips and Tricks Videos

Nothing connects like sharing free knowledge. Look at you reading this article. It doesn’t give your knowledge and power away, it helps to show your knowledge within the industry.

If you’re looking to generate ideas on topics here, then consider what questions you get asked about what you do. The main thing is to keep them short and provide real value.

#8 Business Process Videos

In a lot of customer facing businesses there can be a lot of routine business procedures that customers need to follow. But, because customers don’t follow these on a regular basis, they often get lost and need additional guidance and support to get through them. So, why not help automate those processes by having a video which helps support them?

Run through a process that you need to explain a lot of times, or uses a lot of time to do so. Using a video will help keep the message consistent (which is awesome if you have lots of staff and want/need a consistent message) and it’ll save you/your team valuable time by only dealing with those who get stuck once they’ve followed the video.

Our top tip here is to make sure that you test the process prior to recording. Make sure you plan your video so that you explain it in a logical manner, perhaps test your thoughts/script on a friend or family member to see where they get stuck - that will save time when you record the video.

#9 Market/Industry Update Videos

Many potential and existing clients want to keep abreast of particular markets or industries and video is a great way to do this. So every month or once a quarter provide an update video - think of it like industry news.

The trick here is to provide value - make sure you provide a balanced viewpoint, that it explains the knock on effect(s) to the client and potentially provide your opinion. You’re really trying to show strength in your knowledge and value to the viewer.

Let’s Wrap This Up

So there you go - 9 ideas for your next business video. But the better question is - how do I generate my own ideas for my next business video…

And for that answer, you’ll have to wait to our next article/video. So stay tuned to our blog, YouTube Channel or consider joining our free Facebook group - How To Shoot Video For Your Business - where we release these videos earlier to a community of business owners looking to shoot their own videos.

As ever, I hope this article is of use to you and your business, and I look forward to seeing you back here soon!

Until next time,

Beard Out.