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Unscripted vs Scripted Videos

When you're looking at shooting videos, they generally fall into two types - ones where you have a script that you religiously stick to (usually teleprompted), and the other ones.... the ones where you make it up on the fly.

In this episode of How To Shoot Video For Your Business, I'm talking about the pros and cons of each and why you might pick one over the other.

Unscripted Videos

Now, straight up;- when I say ‘unscripted’ these are very different to ‘unplanned videos.

Unscripted videos are where you talk ‘off the cuff’ about your subject. Sometimes this can mean talking around bullet points or having some form of plan - and that’s the important part here - there is some form of planning prior to turning on the camera. Because, and I can assure you through experience, if you have absolutely no plan for your video - then you’re likely to end up with something that takes a long time to shoot and edit and ultimately, is likely to be an unsuccessful venture - so definitely plan.

Scripted Videos

On the other end of the spectrum, scripted videos are really where you want to capture a word-for-word video. You need that message to stay on target, on message and use some precise wording. Typically, these are shot using a teleprompter…. or at least I’d suggest using one if you want to save time.

Pros and Cons

Or vise-versa? What are the pros/cons of each.

Scripted videos are, as eluded to in the introduction, great for making sure that a message stay on topic. Usually they are picked due to the importance of specific words and so that it stays on timing. Ultimately, scripted videos are a great way to ‘control’ the video message.

On the other hand, they aren’t likely to feel like a natural conversation. Often an unscripted video will have more of a conversational flow to it. However - using this method can often take more time;- as you have to explore the topic - talking around your bullet points. And that’s not just time in shooting, but also editing too - as you look for the best takes.

So Why Choose One Over The Other?

If I’m looking to stay on time and on message - I would pick the scripted video

If I want a more casual video that explores areas of interest - I would pick an unscripted video.

Of Course…

Now whilst these are guiding principles (all formed from opinion), they are not hard and fast rules. We have often found that we’re using a mixture of both methods. For example a testimonial response would be unscripted, however we may ‘sculpt’ the answer - getting the individual to repeat a specific line that they’ve said so that we get a better take from it.

A Quick Link

And if you’re asking yourself whether these episodes are scripted or unscripted… then we provide some info and behind the scenes in this video

Let’s Wrap This Up

So there you go - a quick overview on two different styles and why you might pick one over the other.

As ever, I hope this article and video have been useful and interesting.

We would love to hear your thoughts down below, be it in relation to this, or to ask a different question.

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