Chemical Operations Group - Small Event Promotional Video & Photo

When Chemical Operations Group hosted a two-day workshop they identified that they would need to capture video and photos to help promote future events.

They got in touch and we headed down to their workshop to help capture the event.

Over the course of two hours we shot footage and photos to help showcase and market the event, captured a testimonial interview and shot owner Paul explaining his business.

This was then edited into a short promotional video ideal for social media advertising and email marketing a long promotional video ready for website use and a testimonial video perfect for social, website and email marketing.

That’s a lot to achieve in two hours… oh and we shot some photos to help move COG’s website away from stock photography.

Let’s check out the videos!

Chemical Operations Group’s new website introduction video

A short version of the promotional video - great for marketing on social media platforms, or emails where time is short

A short testimonial video - perfect for social media, website and email marketing

And here comes a sample of the photos we captured - prime for social media feeds and updating their website.

This is a great example of how we work - using short time frames to generate larger amounts of content for small businesses to market with.

If you’re looking to market your business using video, then come and have a chat