Vekta Automation - Company Update Video

Whilst shooting a series of photos for a trader publication, Vekta Automation also asked us to shoot a quick update video that could be used with interest stakeholders to understand their latest news and what’s coming soon.

Here’s what we created;

Videos don’t have to be massive productions - this one is a great example that with some simple planning you can quickly narrow down your communication points and get your message out there in a quick and easy digestible format.

And because we had shot with Vekta on a previous occasion, we were not only able to leverage on their library footage to deliver a more engaging video for their viewers but also help get better value from their previous shoot by using their footage multiple times.

Vekta Automation planned to use this video on their website, email marketing campaigns and social media platforms like Linkedin.

So if you’re looking at creating regular update videos for your company it could well be worth having a chat with us