Why a Break From Social Can Be A Good Thing For Your Business

Now don’t get me wrong - the first thing to note about all of this is that this is not an encouragement to leave social media.

In that world, consistent posting to your audience is a massively positive thing.

However, if you have fallen off the social media bandwagon recently, and you’re discouraged about posting, then this article and video hopefully will provide some positive light on why you should consider re-starting.

So why do we typically stop posting?

There are a multitude of reasons as to why we stop posting. Sometimes we hit a busy period, or our content runs out, or we head on holiday, or just need a break in general… or perhaps we forget to schedule our weeks or month’s posts.

Whatever the answer - it’s ok! It’s ok that sometimes things don’t happen to plan.


Here comes your return…

But whilst regular posting really will help your brand/company, there is a positive to returning to social.

And the positive is….

Are you ready…

It’s ….

a notification.

That’s right, a notification.

So look, its a small something, but it really can help you kick back off.

Many social media platforms will actually notify your followers that you have posted. And whilst this seems small - it’s often a good reminder for your followers to head over and check out what you’ve posted. And this specific notification is more than anything you actually create on the platform itself.

As a result, what you post, upon your return is likely to get a better level of engagement when compared to a ‘normal’ post.

Can I Trigger This?

Unfortunately not. You cannot ‘game’ the platform - knowing that you post, then remove yourself, then post again - with a specific delay knowing you’ll get the notification. From all research, it’s based on your individual posting preferences. But, if you are a regular poster and then you stop, and return - you’re likely to see the system identify this easier than those who are infrequent posters.

So What Should I Consider on My Return?

For this, business owners often sit in two groups. Those who over-think what they post, and those who under-think what they post.

For the under thinkers - those who just smash through social, with no real plan… this is probably time to sit back and consider what you’re going to post. This post may get more attention than normal and it’s a good opportunity to make that message count.

For the over-thinkers - it’s time to let go of the reins. Remember, it’s better ‘done and imperfect’ than almost perfect and never released. Forget overthinking the strategy and get something out. You’ll be surprised to see how many people are just happy to see you back on social.

Remind Them of the Value

Finally, one additional side benefit of having a break is that people actually get to miss you. Sometimes, with regular content, our viewers become ‘blind’ to our content’s value. It’s out there so often that they take it for granted.

But by removing it, they miss it and they remember the value of our messages.

That’s a Wrap

As ever, I encourage regular content, but if you do stop - hopefully this has provided some inspiration to get back on the content train!

Until next time,

Beard Out