Coach Profile Videos - CrossFit Claremont

We’ve worked with Jason, owner of CrossFit Claremont on a number of occasions to deliver photography which he uses for his website and social media, so when Jason got back in touch about shooting profile videos on his coaches we grabbed our gear and headed on over to Claremont.

The Brief

Jason wanted to capture the passion, commitment and motivation for his coaching staff. The videos were to be shot in a more ‘raw’ style - helping them to feel friendly and non-staged;- perfect for social media marketing.

We ended up shooting interviews with Jason and his 3 other coaches, and delivering from the shoot 11 videos;- providing them in 3 formats for use across various social media platforms. These videos broke into 2 types of video;

  • Profile videos - full/long versions of interviews on the main topic. These are aimed at website use where potential clients want to know more about the coach.

  • Social Soundbite Videos - these are shorter soundbites taken from the main video. These are aimed at being used on social media where attention spans are short.

These videos differ from other profile videos because they don’t just focus on profiling the coach. They also focus on common barriers to entry for the business - meaning they speak to someone who might be considering CrossFit.

Let’s take a look at the videos:


Coaches Profile Videos (Full Versions)


Social Soundbite Videos

We also re-cut the interviews, working with Jason to identify important sell messages from the interviews.

These short soundbites are specifically designed to give the business more content - allowing them get out and market their business on social media.


Business Owner’s Profile Video

Finally, we delivered a Business Owner Profile Video. This video focuses purely on Jason as the business owner. This video really helps to show the passion and reasoning behind the business - something that will speak to potential clients.

We felt it was important to separate the two roles that Jason has within his business - he’s a coach, but he’s also responsible for the business itself - it’s day-to-day operation, the way it runs and what people can expect from it. So we doubled up his interview and split the content into two. Now he has a main leadership message for the business, and a video where he can talk about his passion for coaching.

By splitting these two roles, it provides a clearer message for the viewer.


Behind the scenes this was a two and a half hour shoot - which to deliver 11 videos is really great value.

For CrossFit Claremont, they now have a series of videos which help to introduce and familiarise their coaches with potential clients. And the videos are able to be used on both CrossFit Claremont’s website and their social media feeds - as we’ve supplied them in formats that are optimised for their use.

We’re always looking to provide better value from what we shoot - this project is a great example as to how you can re-cut what’s been shot;- providing you with more marketable content.

If you’re looking for marketing video content for your business - get in touch!