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Ear Science Institute Australia - Change a Life 2018

The Ear Science Institute of Australia is a not-for-profit organisation which provides the West Australian community with ear and hearing health services.

ESI wanted us to deliver a video that communicated the impact that donors made to their charity.

So we filmed 3 stories, and then working in close communication with the client, cut them into one story.

We met Shona, Zander's mum who discussed the impact that the hearing device had had to Zander at school;- improving his ability to hear and understand what the teacher was saying


We met Skye, mum of 6 who talked about her son, Nicholas.

Nicholas struggled at school, but the hearing device has made a big impact to Nicholas' life, especially at school, helping him to listen to his teacher.

And finally we met Paul and his wife Margie who discussed the change the expierence Paul had felt by having a hearing device, both to him and his family.

So let's check out the video we delivered for the Ear Science Institute Australia that was shown at their recnt fundraising gala as well as online.

Production Notes

Behind the scenes, we worked very closely with the client to deliver their vision. This video was to be shown at a fundraising gala, so the length of the video (and delivery date) were of critical importance to the client.

The client was also experienced in media and very knowledgeable of both understanding and presenting their brand, so this project was predominantly led by the client, with GINGERBEARD Media working behind them to achieve their vision for the project.

This project provided some great challenges for the team to work on - predominately around the schedule. Taking 3x 45-minute interviews and combining them to create a thought and emotion provoking video within a 4-minute time limit was a great expierence.

You can find out more about Ear Science Institute Australia on their website. And if you're looking to create a story about your charity, brand or company, then we'd love to have a chat - so get in touch.