"Footy Stars in Rally Cars" - Toyota WA, West Coast Eagles & Harry Bates

The last time we got a call from Toyota WA it resulted in a massive road trip across Western Australia to follow a hot-air ballooning Russian as he smashed a world record. So when we received a call from their marketing department we wondered what would happen, surely they just needed some simple videos...

The call went something like this.

How do you fancy coming down to Busselton to watch AFL superstar Drew Petrie be thrown into an Australian Rally Championship car and dashed around the streets of Busselton?
Oh, and we're going to get Drew to read the course pace notes to ARC drive Harry Bates whilst he experiences all of this.

Well, there are many things you could think about hearing on a Monday afternoon, but we'd have money on, that you'd be unlikely to hear that! But how could we say no?!


Production Notes

Now, if you're not familiar with the world of Rally cars, there is one thing that is integral to understanding this project, and that's speed. They move really quick and because we actually shot on a test afternoon prior to a night race, we actually got a very limited amount of shooting time with the car and the team. So key to the success of this project is effective, speedy shooting.

To put this in some perspective - we got about 8 total chances for a shot of the car in action, as it screamed past. And with a short track, repositioning was limited.



So what did we deliver from our short shoot with Harry and Drew?

In the end we cut the footage into 5 different video, each with a unique perspective:

  • A full-length story, with two sides of the story
  • Harry's perspective of the experience
  • A short version of Drew's experience - specifically targeted for Instagram
  • A video overview of the car - designed for the motoring enthusiasts
  • And, an in-car video of the full circuit and reactions

Let's check out what we delivered.

The main, full length video

Harry's story

Drew's story (for Instagram)

"The Car"

Uncut in-car footage

These videos have now been used across a range of platforms and networks, including West Coast Eagles, Harry Bates and The Toyota WA dealerships.

Ultimately, the success of the project was, due to the short time frame, down to effective on-the-day shooting and the vision to be able to create multiple videos which are targeted at difference audiences for the client's use.

If you'd like to have a driven and passionate video team on your business' side, then why not get in contact with GINGERBEARD Media, we'd love to chat about your next video project.