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Matters of Taste - Business Introduction Video

Matters of Taste seem to be becoming a regular client of ours. We've delivered them a promotional video in 2016, a fundraising video for their new premises in 2017 and more recently we delivered their launch and marketing video for their new online cooking platform - The Cooks Collective.

And we also delivered their revised promotional video for thier new premises. Let's check out what we delivered.

Two Interesting Production Facts

Firstly, this video was actually shot at the same time as The Cooks Collective video;- done as a smart move so as to combine production costs between the two projects.

And secondly, believe it or not, this is actually 90% the same script as the piece we delivered in 2016, but the video is some 26 seconds shorter in length.


Why Shorten a Video?

As with most of our clients, Matters of Taste wanted to use their video on both website and social media. Our normal advice for website videos is something around the 1 minute to 1:30 range. But on social media, we usually want to keep the video as short as possible because viewers are often looking for shorter content, especially when it's for advertising. So we recommend around 30 seconds to 1 minute.

In an ideal world you would have two cuts of the video - one longer one for website use and the other, a shorter version for social media. So this new shorter video hopefully tackles both markets without loosing too much for either.


Let's Wrap This Up

So this video has two added value to our client - 1) we saved production budget because we shot two pieces as part of the same project;- allowing us to share footage across the two projects and 2) our scripting from 2016 was still a great basis for their business;- so we didn't have to develop a new one;- again saving time and budget.

As ever, if you're interested in getting a promotional video for your business and you want to speak to a passionate team who is committed to delivering video marketing, we'd love to have a chat.