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The Monthly Newsletter (May 2018)

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Welcome to our monthly newsletter delivered straight from GINGERBEARD Media HQ.

Each month we look to showcase some of our previous month's work as well as providing some insight, tips and tricks and inspiration for both creating and using your own media for your business.

May has been an incredibly busy month for shooting, in fact we probably set a new company record - 14 shoots over a 3-week period. 

We completed:

  • 5 shoots for Ear Science Institute Australia with the resulting two videos to be shown at a forthcoming charity event,
  • A mixture of 3 photoshoots for Southcare; two events photoshoots and one headshot session
  • 2 shoots for Matters of Taste to deliver 2 new promotional videos for their business, 
  • A shoot for Professionals Granger Clark to start production on 2 new promotional videos,
  • Bend Tech Group to deliver 3 short product videos,
  • The City of Kwinana - promoting their city library and finally,
  • A shoot with Toyota at the Busselton CAMS Australian Rally Championship to deliver a series of videos for their social media.

But it wasn't just about shooting.

We also focused on our business owner education assets.

We released an article and video on why you need to be boosting your Facebook posts - specifically designed for business owners running their Facebook pages, and an article on how to get more from your next video shoot - designed for those working with professionals, or shooting video themselves.

And we'll continue to release tips, tricks and strategies for getting better media - so stay tuned!


Facebook is changing, your organic reach is declining and this means you need to start boosting your posts. We look at why and what action you can take!

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Wondering how to get MORE from your next video shoot - let's talk about that!

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AND... if that wasn't enough we also launched a dedicated webpage where you can find every article, tip, trick and strategy we've ever talked about all in one place - just head to and yes - it's all there for free and getting added to each week!

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If you want to join in on community discussions on these sort of topics and get access to these articles first - then join our free Facebook group - How To Shoot Video For Your Business

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Finally, I'll just pick on one video release for the month - our work with City of Kwinana to cover their event, the Alcoa Children's Festival. This event received a lot of positive feedback and the video has reached over 6,000 organic views on Facebook alone.

Thank you for your time reading our newsletter.

If you've got any feedback on this, any service we provide or ways we can continue to improve, we'd love to hear from you!

As ever, you can find more information on our products and services on our website, and if you want to start learning more about delivering your own media for your business - then check out our free-to-join Facebook group - How to Shoot Video For Your Business and check out our new dedicated learning page -

Until next time!

Beard Out

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