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Matters of Taste - The Cooks Collective

Long-term readers of our blog or followers of our work may remember our work with local cooking school, Matters of Taste. In 2016 we delivered them a promotional video and in 2017 we helped launch their new premises.

And a couple of weeks ago we were back working together - this time for a double shoot. Our targets - to update their promotional video due to the new location and also to help launch their new online cooking platform - The Cooks Collective.

Matters of Taste owners Tracey and Anthony take video seriously in their business - in fact it's a core component of what they deliver every week. Along with a massive range of cooking classes that they offer in person, Tracey leads their weekly online live cooking show, with Anthony working the cameras and tech behind it. 

So when they decided to launch their new cooking platform - The Cooks Collective; an online cooking class platform, they requested we help by delivering a punchy promotional video.

Behind the Production

Along with shooting the script and the business in action, behind the production, we captured and incorporated a series of screen captures to help show off the platform for potential clients and also incorporated some of the existing video cooking lessons that Anthony had shot and edited as part of the platform.

Both of these services;- screen captures and using existing or client shot footage are becoming an increasing part of our role on projects - they are both great ways to help showcase clients products, services and businesses.

Adding Value

This video is actually one of two versions - when shooting we had Tracey provide two endings to the video;- one of which to be used on their website and email marketing campaigns, and the other specifically designed for Facebook.

Whilst this is a small change, it's something that unquestionably adds value to the production and definitely worth thinking about if you are looking at shooting a video. Taking a short bit of additional time in both shooting and during the edit means that there are two videos designed for two markets - something that adds a lot to the project.

As ever, if you're interested in getting a promotional video for your business and you want to speak to a passionate team who is committed to delivering video marketing, we'd love to have a chat.