West Coast Motorcycle Hire

When David from West Coast Motorcycle Hire looked to separate his family business from his competition, he spoke with us about the use of video and photo to not only update his website but also help market his product and services on social media and other marketing campaigns.

Our discussion with David led us to ultimately deliver 1 main promotional video - to introduce his business and 6 individual bike videos that really help sell each bike's experience, as well as a series of photos on his bikes that will help take his website and social media to the next level!

Let take a look at West Cost Motorcycle Hire's new promotional video.


This video is being put to work on West Coast Motorcycle Hire's website, as well as their social media platforms. In 2 minutes David showcases his business, his product and services and conclusively why you should choose them when you want to hire a bike - it's no wonder they've been recognised by Tourism Australia.

But whilst this video is a great introduction, some potential clients will want to get straight to the juicy parts - the bikes. And that's why we also delivered a series of 6 individual bike videos.

These individual bike videos gives David the tools to target his marketing to selected individuals. As an example, he could have someone inquire about a specific bike and he can provide a video that suits their request - a direct enquiry answered conclusively. And West Coast Motorcycle Hire's website can now showcase each bike on its own - effectively each video helps West Coast Motorcycle Hire's clients with their purchasing decisions.

So let's so those videos in action.

As you can see, each video showcases each bike individually so they are unique, but it also keeps with consistent branding and the feel of the business. This helps to provide the business with a specific "brand-feel".

Finally, we also provided a series of photos for each of the bikes which will assist West Coast Motorcycle Hire in improving their website, marketing on social media and with future online and print marketing endeavours. Here's a sample of what we delivered.

This project is a great showcase of how GINGERBEARD Media works with our clients to understand their overall aim and identify how best to deliver on their vision. In turn, this project specifically showcases how we look to deliver both video and photo media that allows a longer use over time and in multiple places - truly better bang for the buck for our clients.

If your business is interested in using video to introduce itself, better market itself, separate it from the competition all in a professional manner, then we should talk! Just get in contact to start the conversation!