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MOP Donuts - Social Media Marketing

Towards the end of February, we worked with Lauren Bennedetti and her client MOP Donuts to create a series of social media marketing content.

During the shoot we worked with MOP Donuts to shoot both photo and video content that was specifically designed for use on Facebook and Instagram, no website use here!

Let's take a look at some of the photography we shot.

With our photos, Lauren and MOP went to work on their social media. Here's some of our work in action.

We also delivered a series of short videos for the clients to use.

In the below video, our motion graphics really help 'sell' this donut! Are you tempted?! With 3,400 views, we know that many people in Perth definetly were!

And we also created a banner video for a product launch; the Big Boss Burger.

This content is out and helping MOP Donuts to show what culinary delights their creating all over Perth.

If your business is looking for a company that works with you to deliver social media marketing tools that really work then we'd love to have a chat. And you can check out our video packages here or samples of our photography if you just fancy a nose-around at what we do!