The Monthly Newsletter (April 2018)

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Welcome to our monthly newsletter from GINGERBEARD Media HQ... Can you believe it's already April?!

Each month we look to showcase some of our previous month's work as well as providing some insight, tips and tricks for both creating and using your own media for your business.

March has seen a busy month with the business pumping out content for Bailey Fitness; delivering some 70 short testimonial videos for their social media marketing as well as editing around 30 new videos for Danielle Mariu - a Real Estate agent in Port Hedland. Both these projects really help our clients to showcase what they do over a longer period of time with their social media followers;- building trust within their potential clients.

We've also been hard at work behind the scenes of GINGERBEARD Media itself and are proud to announce that our latest video package;- our "Business Introduction Video Package has launched!

This package delivers a massive range of tools for businesses who are likely either starting up their website and need professional, personalised marketing content, or are redesign/relaunching what they already have and again want to refresh their existing content. And unlike other solutions on the market it also considers the business owners desire to get marketing their business on social media - it gives you content to do that as well!

Like our other video packages, the Business Introduction Package provides a scalable option in both amount and type of content delivered and cost - but whichever option you pick, it will deliver you tools which market your business professionally with.


Away from GINGERBEARD Media

The start of the year saw a busy start to the year - working with a number of projects with a range of clients


We delivered 58 testimonial videos for Bailey Fitness to get out there and market their business! Now they've got a massive selection of members talking about their customer experiences in a heartfelt and honest way. A brilliant way to connect with new customers!

Watch Tarryn talk about her experience at Bailey Fitness here!

Hello, World!


We work with MOP Donuts to deliver a series of photos and videos for their social media advertising!

This mixture of content will keep their business active on Facebook and Instagram for some time.

Read More on this project!


YouTube recently updated it's platform to allow creators to see 3 new viewer metrics. If you're using YouTube as part of your business platform - it's time to find out more!

And if this topic is of interest, then why not consider joining our "How To Shoot Video For Your Business" Facebook group?


We worked with West Coast Motorcycle Hire to deliver 6 bike videos and 1 promo video. This content will help market their business and its services as well help them to specifically advertise their bikes to new clients. These videos will be used on both their website and social media.

Watch the full promo video here!

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