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City of Kwinana - Recruitment Videos

The City of Kwinana got in touch with us looking to create a series of recruitment videos to attract potential employees to work at the city.

Their brief was to showcase what work is like at the city in an overview video, and then focus on some existing employees and the work they do so as to inspire others to apply.

We headed down to Kwinana to capture them at work. Let’s take a look at what we created.

For this project the script was actually written by the client after footage was recorded. This normally isn’t the process for us, but due to the schedule it worked for the client.

After shooting, the client provided a script and we then worked collaboratively with the client to deliver the end edit.

In post-production we used a professional voiceover artist to bring the client’s script to life and tie our shots and the recruitment message together.

Finally, as well as providing copies for Facebook and YouTube, we also provided a version with the captions burnt into each video - an option which can really help not only visually impaired viewers, but also help retain viewers on social media.

If you’re looking to use video in your next recruitment drive, then why not have a chat with Head Beard Bruce about your options - just get in touch.