2018 Southcare Annual Report (Photography)


We originally worked with Manning-based Southcare, a not-for-profit providing personalised aged home care and community services, to deliver a series of information videos back in October 2017.

Since then, we’ve stayed with them, and now shoot photography for them on a semi-regular basis, with 8 shoots taking place in 2018.

We covered a number of their award nights, their youth leader graduations, provide headshots for their board members as well as covering two conferences they’ve held. From all of these event we’ve delivered a series of photos as well as specifically taking a series for this Annual Report.

In total we’ve provided them with over 7,000 photos over the course of the year - which is a lot. Now this is a larger amount than we would normally deliver, even if we’re building a photo library for them, and this was due to a couple of reasons - 1) Southcare only wanted raw photographs so that they could edit them in house - which allowed them to save their budget, and 2) they wanted as many as photographs as possible so that they could use them in as many different places as possible. so essentially we were shooting so as to provide options.

The photography we’ve shot throughout the has been used for a range of communications;- including website, social media and email marketing. And our last shoot with them, has allowed us to build a library of images specifically for their Annual Report.

Here’s some sample photography in action, this is taken from the staged annual report shoot

Magazine Mockup 4.jpg

A sample of our headshots in action:


And some samples of both posed and candid event photography.


We enjoy building relationships with clients, and working with them on a regular basis to help build and improve their brand.

Working with Southcare throughout 2018 has provided an opportunity to develop a trusting relationship where we have a better insight into their business which allows us to deliver a better, more suited product. And for Southcare, having a massive image library to use as they wish has, and will continue to, help them with their marketing through a range of different communication mediums.

If you’re interested in having a photo or video library built for your business, we’d love to have a chat - just get in touch.