How Much Content Can You Create?

For our clients, often quantity in content creation is king. Businesses are starting to recognise the need for regular and consistent marketing, especially on social media, to so that they make an impact.

As with many services, clients need to ensure that they’re getting value for money - which is a great question to ask…. and so we’re often asked how much content can we create.

Whilst there are no hard and fast rules, we wanted to take a look at a case study to show what can be done when you commit to a shoot.

In March 2018 we worked with Identity Marketing’s client, Danielle Mariu in a studio to shoot a series of scripted videos which would be used in Danielle’s social media marketing.

Danielle works as a real estate agent in Port Hedland so having a constant arsenal of videos to market herself and her services through social media and email marketing is vitally important. It’s also especially important that, as she travels to Perth to shoot these videos, she gains as best value for cost (and her time) as possible.

So over a day and a half in a studio we shot;

  • 4 everygreen videos;- information topics that can be used on a rotational basis to market Danielle, helping to show her as a knowledgeable and helpful industry leader

  • 3 process information videos - these are used to help clients through the buying and selling process - helping to build her customer service with clients

  • 19 candid interview videos - these provide an insight into Danielle’s work and ultimately, help viewers to get to know Danielle and build trust in her brand and

  • We also shot a series of intro/outro videos that are used to introduce properties and recent successful sales, these are provided raw to the team at Identity Marketing so that they can rotate through and use them as needed.

And whilst we don’t suggest you watch all of these, we’re going to pop up a copy of everything created, so that visually its easier to see what that looks like.


Evergreen Videos


Client Information Videos


Candid Interview Videos

Sample Intro/Outro in Use


These videos have been in operation for Danielle and the team at Identity Marketing for 9 months - building trust in Danielle’s brand. This is also not the first time we’ve shot like this for Danielle, and in the other two occassions we’ve created similar amounts of video.

But what result does something like this have?


Danielle has seen over 41,500 views on her content on Facebook alone. And that’s noting that the count is just on the main videos, not the intros/outros which get used on a regular basis to communicate success stories…. And, also noting, that not all of the videos have been used yet.

Key to success has been using the content multiple times (some videos have seen 2-3 uses in the 9 months) to make sure that Danielle is getting maximum use/value from her content. An underlying key to that is held within planning and scripting - considering which topics will give you most value, knowing what will work with your potential clients, and understanding that just because it’s posted once, doesn’t mean that everyone sees it (read more on why you should be reposting and ‘the bubble’). You certainly shouldn’t be archiving your videos having used them once.

So How Much Can You Shoot?

The truth is that the answer varies - planning, length of shoot, logistics of the shoot and length of content - it all has an impact on the shoot itself. We’re always looking to find ways to get more content from our client’s shoot, and we’re not shy at providing advice to our clients on how to get better value.

You’ll find ‘getting more value’ is a consistent theme from us - it’s why, for example, our Business Introduction Video Packages go further than other video production companies - providing more than just a ‘1x 30 second video’. We look at our clients needs and provide them the best advice we can on how they can get better value from what we do.

If you’re looking to work with a company who provides better value on your next video project - feel free to get in touch.

You can see how Danielle went in her first shoot and listen to her thoughts on the importance of posting regularly (shot on her 2nd shoot) below.