Zambrero & Rise Against Hunger - Plate4Plate 2018

At the start of this month we’re invited by Zambero to shoot at their Plate4Plate event - where they he aim is to help provide nutritious meals to disadvantaged communities across Africa, Asia and the Americas. And locally, Zambrero partners with Foodbank to fight hunger in Australia, providing a meal to Australians doing it tough by matching purchases made from their store with donated meals.

Longer-term readers of our blog may remember our work for the same event in 2016 and 2017. And of course we were only to happy to be a part of the national media team again.

So on Tuesday 16th October, over volunteers in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth packed meals. Zambrero asked us to attend the Perth event, with the footage we captured being sent over to the east coast for editing and combined with the other videographers footage that was shot all over Australia. 

The Zambrero team edited the video into one main piece, with a secondary heading out on Facebook.

Let's take a look at the main final video that our footage was included in:

And this was the short social video that Zambrero put our shortly after the event.

We also delivered just over 300 photos for the team to use. Here’s a small selection of what we shot:

You can find further photos we shot selected by Zamerbo for their social media here.

And our group photo even made it to the main website!


Team Work as a Freelancer

This is the 3rd year that we’ve worked as part of a national team for Zambrero, and it’s not our first project for a client where we’ve had to work like this - looking to freelancers is often a cost effective way to have a national presence.

The use of individuals working individually but also part of a team can create problems. Footage, photos and the overall brand can feel different. So it’s important that all freelancers understand and follow the brief and shoot in a similar manner so that it looked like one video at the end of it. And that takes preparation prior to shooting to achieve.


Pack It Up! Summary Time.

Every year this is a fantastic team, project and event to be a part of. It's awesome to work in/on a collaborative team and project. And of course its great to see Perth yet again packing the most meals in the country - 142, 560 meals out of 451,040 - which are already on their way to the Philippines and Tassie.

As ever, if you're looking to capture video and photos for your business or event then we'd love to have a chat about how we can assist!