CrossFit Claremont's 500 Photo Library

We've talked about the importance of building a photo library before - they give businesses a massive set of tools to go out there and market their business with - website, social media, print and online marketing.

So when CrossFit Claremont contacted us about building their library we looked at delivering them with as much content as possible.


Regular readers of our blog will know that we've shot a lot of CrossFit over our years. But as we've developed as a company, we've learnt to better understand the 'business side of photography.'

It is relatively easy to capture lots of images, but it is important to make sure that they are useable in a business context. The photographer needs to understand that an image may need to composed in a certain way so as to help its use. 

Say for example you shoot all of your subjects so that they are in the middle of the frame - yes, this helps highlight your subject in the image, but this leaves little option for the business to reinforce messages with text or perhaps layout a printed flyer in the way they might like.

So key to our photography when shooting for photo libraries is the ability to use an image in lots of different ways.


On top of the actual use of the image, we also want to make sure that the images actually communicate a message for the business.

In the case of CrossFit Claremont, we wanted to communicate lots of different aspects (different "sell" messages) for the business. We wanted to show their passionate members working hard, that CrossFit is accepting of lots of different people as well as images that communicate about the brand and facility itself.

These three images are designed to reflect - Community, Friendship and Working Out

Where as these images reflect branding, scalebilty/ accessibility and fun

CrossFit photography is not just about capturing your members lifting weights. It's about capturing the spirit of your community.


We ended up shooting nearly 500 images for CrossFit Claremont.... now that's just a number, what does that actually look like for a business?

These photos have already started to be used on CrossFit Claremont's social media and website for their daily workout announcements.... and with 500 of photos they can obviously post for some time without repeat.

If your business is considering building a photography library then why not come and have a chat with us, we'd love to help out.