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Client Review - Range of Motion

When you're looking for someone to work with you to deliver your video(s) and/or photography, you're looking for someone who has a history of delivery.

Well that's GINGERBEARD Media!

We've been around the block a few times and know how to plan and execute your project in a way that won't blow your budget - in fact we spend time working out ways that it will give you the best bang for it.

But anyone can write a blog article and put up whatever they like to say on their website. So you shouldn't take just our word for it.

Instead take the words of Dan Williams from Range a Motion, a CrossFit gym based in Osbourne Park.

We've worked with Range of Motion a number of times, based on what Dan writes below, because we commit every time to delivering their media to a high standard.

Range of Motion 2.png

Here's the full review that Dan Williams, Owner of Range of Motion posted to our Facebook page.

"Bruce and the team at GINGERBEARD Media are my go-to, one-stop-shop for professional web and social media content.
I have worked with GINGERBEARD for several video projects for my business, where I've needed to stand out from the crowd. Their ability to work closely with me to create my vision for our branding and marketing campaigns keeps me coming back. I love that I can choose whether I want to be hands-on with the creative process, or want to sit back and let them do their magic.
GINGERBEARD have always worked within my budget, and have offered me workable options regardless of the financial commitment I'm able to make.
Their professionalism, high quality product, open communication, and price point mean I'll continue to work with Bruce and his team for all my future web and social media content needs."

And this review isn't just a one-off.

You can find many more from a range of businesses in a range of industries for a number of our project. Read and watch them here!

So if you want to work with a videographer who takes the time to understand your business and commits to delivering your message, then it's time to invest in your media with GINGERBEARD Media.

We're always happy to have a chat about your potential project, be it photo or video, so feel free to get in contact.

And if you're looking for the piece of work we completed - pop back to the blog, I'm sure it will be up shortly!