Girls Gone Strong & Herasphere

Long-term readers of our blog and followers of our work may remember back in June 2016 where we worked with Markia from Herasphere to deliver a 12-episode video series which helped demonstrate pilates for those who were pregnant or post-pregnancy.

Marika got back in touch with us when she needed more video content shot that would be part of the global brand - Girls Gone Strong

Girls Gone Strong is a global movement that aims to empower women to embrace all that's possible for their lives and for their bodies. They provide the tools and support for true, lasting change through body-positive, evidence-based, sustainable nutrition, training, and self-care information.

Our role on the project was to help their global team by delivering footage for their US-based team to edit into 7 instructional videos.

Let's check out Girls Gone Strong's marketing material which includes some of our footage. Can you spot what we shot?

So did you spot what we shot?  Hopefully the answer is no.

For a lot of the projects we shoot we want our footage to stand out. But there is one exception, when we work in a team.

In a team environment when other videographers are working to deliver similar products/videos we want to be as similarly-styled as possible. No one's footage should stand out;- be it better or worse. Ideally the viewer should feel that it's all been shot by one person - and typically this is achieved when the viewer doesn't even question what they've seen.

So part of our role on this project is not just to shoot the video, but also to match the existing style of the client. And this style includes things like camera movement as well as the technical side of colour and shot composition.

This project is a great example of our ability to adapt our work and style to suit the client's requirements;- be it the end client, or as part of a bigger media team. And that, as well as that despite working most of our time as 'just" GINGERBEARD Media, we can still integrate and work with other teams so as to deliver media on a global scale.

If you would like us to be a part of your team, we do work freelance for a number of companies and we'd be happy to have a chat about working with you to do so, so please feel free to get in contact.