4 DIY Photo/Video Ideas for Your Business' Social Media

Whilst we're a production company for many small businesses in Perth delivering lots of content for them to use on their websites, social media and marketing campaigns, we also hope to provide support and inspiration to both our clients and those who run their own small businesses.

To do so we recently launched a Facebook Group -  "How to Shoot Video for Your Business" as a way of supporting the business community through our knowledge.

Whilst there is opportunity for businesses to deliver some of their own media, one of the biggest barriers we see is that they don't know where to start. What is a something that anyone could shoot and use as content for their social media?

So today, Head Beard Bruce provides 4 content simple ideas on exactly that - what any business can quickly shoot and post to help generate some content for their social media.

Let's check out the video and then expand on the ideas below.

#1 - Take A Photo of Yourself or Team Member

Take a photo of yourself or, if you have them, one of your team members. Write a short introduction about who they are, what they do within the business, maybe include something personal that a wider audience may find interesting or connect with. Try to keep it short and snappy to keep people engaged.

Post the photo and the statement to your social media as a way to introduce yourself to your followers. You could always shoot this as a video and post it - but if you're new and nervous, a photo is a great start and will literally take you 5-10 minutes to do.

I cannot tell you how many businesses I have worked with where we've introduced the client on film for the first time and when we've spoken about how that video went down with their clients their response has been 'so many clients have come in and said "cool - it's you from the video!"'. Capturing yourself is an awesome way to help feel people feel comfortable with your business - your clients know who they're working with.

As small businesses, I think we often worry about how we've potentially perceived compared to the big companies - that we're not professional. But that is our advantage - we're more personable than big business - and that's what people connect and engage with.

So get out there and shoot your introductory photo!

#2 - Take a Photo/Video to Showcase Your Product / Service

We're all trying to sell something and so this makes for great content on our social media. 

If you have a physical product - grab a photo of it to really showcase it off. Your status/copy/text should move away from a direct sell instead, try and explain concisely what benefit(s) your product brings to the potential client. 

Perhaps look at it this way - detail the problem the client has, the solution(s) your product brings and then how do they find out more?

If you're providing a service, consider a photo of you at work or your service in action. Social media is all about being social - so people want to see what you're up to. You could always take a video, explaining what you're up to, or use a video timelapse if you're service doesn't allow you to get out and away from the camera - its a set and forget solution.

Why not use the comment section to try and generate some questions on the product or service?

#3 - A Client Testimonial

Simply ask one of your clients if it's ok to take a photo of them with your product or you with them if you offer a service. Also ask if they could provide a small testimonial on your product or service... and volia, you have your social media post.

For extra inspiration use a quick bit of graphic design to overlay their words in or around their photo. And don't forget a quick bit of branding to keep your this positivity linked to your brand.

Finally, like the introductory photo idea, you could always grab a quick video of their testimonial. Keep them short and sweet to really engage with your viewers. If you have lots of questions, film them as separate pieces. Boom! You've suddenly got 3-4 videos all ready to go!

#4 - Take Photos of Your Business

This is the easy mc-squeezey option especially if you're not keen on getting in front of a camera. Grab a photo of the outside of your business and then some inside too. 

The first thing we typically do when we're heading somewhere new is do a quick Google. And if you can't find a picture of where you're heading to, it makes it so much easier to keep an eye out for the building. Effectively we're introducing our business to clients before they've even visited.

So, do a quick tidy inside. If you're outside - just look out for simple things like rubbish bins cluttering your photo and bingo - some content for your social media and website.

Now obviously, we've aimed all this media at being used on social media, but to make the best use of your time when you've shot these pieces is to think about where else could you use them.

So for example, as well as social media - your intro photo could go on your 'about' section of your website, into any print sales/marketing material or perhaps into your email marketing campaigns. Your client testimonial could also end up on your website and again into an email marketing campaign. Basically, once you have spent time making media - try and use it as many times as you can to get the best value from it.

As ever I hope this article has been of use to you. If you have any questions feel free to get in touch... and if you want more of these useful tips/tricks then come on over and join our "How to Shoot Video for Your Business" Facebook group - it's open to everyone!

Beard Out!


GINGERBEARD Media Bruce Garrod