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Oculo Testimonial With Optician Dr. Michelle Bell

Oculo is a secure cloud-based network designed specifically for eye care practitioners, such as optometrists, to share client clinical information, referrals and other medical correspondence with other eye care professionals. 

You may remember our previous work with Oculo when we delivered a testimonial from their SpecSavers store in Joondalup. We'll we we're back at it again, again in Joondalup, but this time working with Dr Michelle Bell from Option Optometrists.

This video is part of a series of 4 testimonial videos which give Oculo a tool to showcase their business to potential clients, in this case optometrists and ophthalmologists.

Testimonials are a great way to communicate with potential clients about your company, brand or service.

By having someone else (who is usually part of your target market) speak on behalf of your company, they often engage better with your potential clients. They speak the language your potential clients speak and sell your product or service from a point of view that engages better with people in their position.


With this project, as this video was part of a series we wanted to ensure that when viewed with the other videos, it felt like it was part of a series - continuity is important in brand development. So for this project we made sure that shots used in the first video, were replicated in this project.

However, whilst continuity is important, we didn't want repetitivity for a viewer should they watch the series back to back. So key to tackling this issue was to try and get different answers from Michelle that we had previously heard. We don't mind key points being repeated - it helps enforce a message with the viewer, but we want to make sure that things are not word for word. This again is the power of unscripted testimonials - they feel real, and thus the viewer engagers better with them.

Oculo have already started to put this and the other videos we delivered to use - predominately through their email marketing campaigns, but the also plan to use this, and the following videos on their website too.

If you're interested in using a testimonial for your business, then why not check out our Testimonial Package, and as ever, if you'd like to have a chat about how video could help your business further its reach - then please feel free to get in contact!