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The Importance of Posting Regularly

Readers of our blog may remember Danielle from our client testimonial video... well she's back and today we're talking all about her thoughts on the importance of posting regularly on social media so as to market and build your business.

We work with Danielle though our freelance services that we provide to Identity Marketing based in Adelaide. This was Danielle's 2nd shoot in the studio as she flew down from Port Hedland to shoot around 13 videos - video content that will keep her business active on social media for a number of months to come.

As we continue to work with a range of businesses in a range of industries, one trend we have definitely noticed coming through in the last few months is that businesses are starting to recognise the need to have regular content out there marketing their business. They can no longer rely on one magic tool, be it website, picture or even a video to drum up clients. We must all work hard on a continuous basis to build our brand and stay relevant in potential client's minds.

But don't take our words for it, listen to what Danielle had to say when we caught up after shooting.

Here at GINGERBEARD Media we recognise that one video will help your business, but often for a number of reasons, businesses actually need a number of pieces of content to really showcase your business. And businesses are starting to recognise that it takes time to build a brand, and it takes even longer to build awareness, knowledge and recognition of that business/brand.

So our message to business owners is simple - consider getting more content that you can use over time to build your brand.

Invest in your media to better help position your company.

Danielle Mariu.png

The usual concern from business owners for making more content is around cost. And that's a fair concern to have, so let's talk about that.

We are different from a number of other companies out there because we don't price our videos at "per video" prices. So 1 video costs x, 2 videos will therefore cost x+y. Instead we consider (and advise our clients) on the potential variables which may help see some economies of scale to their benefit.

We are always looking for better ways to work with our clients, and that's why, if suitable to achieve their vision, we may suggest to our clients that getting multiple pieces of content will better help achieve their vision, aim and objectives of the business.

Look at it this way - to shoot 1 video takes a certain period of time, plus the editing side. From there you'll often have an amount of footage that is unused - it's good and can be used - there is nothing wrong with it, but with the space limitations of one video it just didn't make the cut. So why not take that footage, combine it with some of the footage already used and repurpose the footage? Effectively we are using the same shoot time to provide so much more content for minimal additional editing time.

So next time your business offers a '1 hour shoot' for a 30 second video, consider - could we get more content, and therefore better value from that 1 hour shoot if we invest more into the editing? Sure you'll spend more in the short term, but what works better to build you brand? 1 video or 5?

GINGERBEARD Media offers this style of work ona regular basis to our clients, and we have a number already stepping through our Social Media Video Package which aims to deliver lots of regular content on a monthly basis - helping our clients to build their brand over a number of months.

So if you're looking for a business that listens to what you're trying to achieve with your media before making a suggestion on how to deliver it rather than trying to box you into a solution that aids the media company and not the client, or one that provides better suggestions as to how to further your business for a better value, then come and have a chat with us! We love talking about video!