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Photography for ProPerth Productions & West Coast Profilers

Lots of companies look to build a photo library of their operations and ProPerth Productions' client West Coast Profilers were no different.

West Coast Profilers, who specialise in providing complete civil works and infrastructure solutions across both regional and metropolitan road networks throughout Western Australia, looked to build a photo library for use in improving their marketing materials. 

And we delivered for them.

We delivered 696 photos for West Coast Profilers to put to work for their business!

Along with planning to update a number of their advertising and marketing materials including their website and a number of print media materials, West Coast Profilers were also looking to build a photo library which would help them market their company in the future both with digital and print media.

They turned to ProPerth Productions for delivery, who asked GINGERBEARD Media to get involved in the photography component of the project.

Shooting photos without knowing the end purpose does represent somewhat of a challenge because you have to consider all potential uses for the photo. For example using on Instagram would mean a square crop, so the sides and/or top/bottom become redundant, or for print you often need a vertical image. So to combat this we shot the photos with a range of uses in mind.

We actually shot images over 3 shoots;- a day and night one to cover the machines at work and one at West Coast Profiler's office in Wangara to cover their premises and the equipment stationary.

Our brief for the images was to try and capture the equipment itself rather the employees - which is why you'll find the shots that do include employees typically have their faces covered or not shown. Ultimately, the client wanted the machinery to be the hero of the photos, and we believe we captured that, especially in the night photographs.

Behind the scenes, the day and night working shoots themselves were not staged in any way. This is a fast moving working team and we needed to move quickly and effectively to capture the images. This production-line type business, although working a repetitive task, actually meant we wouldn't any second goes. We had to quickly identify the potential for a photo and get it - this team doesn't slow down for anyone, including Bruce as he shot their images.

Now when you start talking about 700 photographs, you really start to loose an idea as to what that actually looks like. How many tools it gives your company to get out there and market with... so here's what it looks like:

Well, you get the point. 

It's a lot of photographs as a starting library and should give a lot of options when it comes to marketing their business.

West Coast Profilers have already started to use the images we shot on their website and with trade shows coming up some are already on their way to the printers as part of their printed marketing material.

West Coast Profilers - imac mock up.png

So there we have it. A great example of how photography can bolster your advertising and marketing content.

Nearly 700 photos shot and delivered from 3x two hours shootings - which gives West Coast Profilers a massive library of images to call upon for a range of uses. Basically - brilliant value for money.

Of course, if you're looking to build your own library of photos for advertising and marketing - be it for use on social media, or through your website, why not get in touch with us? Every day we talk to small businesses in Perth about how best to deliver their advertising and marketing content, and we'd love to do the same for you!