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Zoo Moo at Perth Zoo

We were contacted by local events organiser Wendy from Event Social Planners back in April 2017, seeking our interest in delivering two cuts, a 60 second and 30 second version of the video destined to be shown on Zoo Moo and Astro Circles TV channels in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Maldives and Papua New Guinea as well provided for online viewing.

Zoo Moo ran a competition where the winners received an all expenses paid trip to Perth (which Event Social Planners were organising) and this included in this was a trip to Perth Zoo. Zoo Moo wanted to capture the Lee Family who had won the competition as they were taken on their exclusive guided tour.

So in May we headed to Perth Zoo to meet with the Lee Family and representatives from Perth Zoo as the family headed on their tour.

Let's check out the longer 60s version of the video. 

We were kindly guided through Perth Zoo by Danielle, Perth Zoo's Media Manager. Danielle took the Lee Family through the Australian section of the zoo, followed by an exclusive behind the scenes tour and feeding with the giraffes before the Lee's went on a private encounter tour where Keeper Rob kindly informed and handled a number of animals in front of them.

Behind the scenes, time was of the essence on this shoot. We had to capture both the animals and the family as they interacted and of course nothing could be planned up front so we had to play a very reactive roll whilst filming. Additionally, the tour obviously needed to keep to a tight schedule so this meant we were grabbing as much footage as possible where possible for use in editing.

Although we have worked on other projects that have ended up on TV, this is actually the first full piece we have completed specifically for TV. So behind the scenes we had to ensure that music licencing was correctly setup and purchased for the project as well as that the project was correctly finalised and rendered for TV specifications. It was great to step out of our comfort zones to work on and deliver a project with some different requirements.

As ever, if you're interested in how video could be right in capturing your business - be it for advertising or an event, be it online or for TV - please feel free to get in contact. We're always happy to talk about video!