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Oculo Testimonial With Optician Craig Rolly

Oculo is a secure cloud-based network designed specifically for eye care practitioners, such as optometrists, to share client clinical information, referrals and other medical correspondence with other eye care professionals. 

Although Oculo operates nation-wide, they wanted to show optometrists and ophthalmologists the advantages of using the system here in Western Australia. They decided they would do so using video testimonials and so approached us about delivering, what started with 1 video and has already grown to 4 videos in total.

Testimonials are a great way to communicate with potential clients. By having someone else (who is usually part of your target market) speak on behalf of your company, they often engage better with your potential clients. They speak the language your potential clients speak and sell your product or service from a point of view that engages better with people in their position.

Yes, testimonials often mean handing some "control of communication" about your product or service over to someone else, but it can usually result in a great video that really helps sell your business.

Ultimately, we believe that a testimonial video helps sell your business in a way that the viewer feels is less "salesy" and more honest.

With Oculo we worked to understand their product and from there worked with them to develop a series of questions which really brought out their key sell/communication messages. We then went to work on shooting their video.

On the shoot we first sat down with Craig to complete his interview, taking around 20-30 minutes to run through the 7-10 or so questions that we had planned for him. Throughout this entire process, we worked to coach and assist Craig get his message across clearly. Our role when interviewing is not to change or influence the client's message, more, help sculpt it so that the message they want to give is clear and precise. When a video is usually around 90 seconds - we need to pack a lot of information in, so capturing the right responses results in a far better end product. After the interview we continued to work, shooting a lot of b-roll/cutaways of Craig at work - these not only allow a lot more freedom in the edit as they hid cutting of the interview, but also help the viewer to stay engaged with the video.

Once the shoot was complete, we headed to editing. We took all of Craig's answers and working with the team at Oculo, we determine what are the key responses from the interview. Once we have the client's input, we then move the answers around to create a story that flows for the viewer, we remove as much of the 'clutter' of the interview, so the pauses and uhm's and err's and we then lay a story of additional footage - in this case Craig working with a client from start to end, over the top of the interview.

And after a review process with the client, we deliver the final product. But what did the client think?

Yep, I think we nailed that one.

Oculo have already started to put the video to use - predominately through their email marketing campaigns, but the also plan to use this, and the following videos on their website too.

If you're interested in using a testimonial for your business, then why not check out our Testimonial Package, and as ever, if you'd like to have a chat about how video could help your business further its reach - then please feel free to get in contact!