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Clean Ride - Promo Video

Roberto Rossi got in touch with us when he needed a promotional video for his business Clean Ride - a premium motorcycle detailing company who had just moved into their new facility in Bayswater. Roberto looked to the Facebook recommendation gods, and GINGERBEARD Media was whispered into his ear.

Roberto wanted his business to be shown off in all its glory, but when we spoke with Roberto we identified that his project was more that just some nice shots of his new premises. Roberto wanted the video be reflective of his state of the art facility and we saw an opportunity to communicate more about his products and services through his video;- giving him a better marketing tool to put to work.

So let's check out what we delivered:

And we took this project a step further.

This project is actually the first time we've been given the chance to colour grade a client video. 

For most projects we use most of the video straight from the camera - correcting colours only where needed. For those not in the know, this 'correction' can mean balancing the brightness of a shot, or slightly changing the colours to perhaps help warm a shot if we are trying to show the warmth of the business. But with colour grading, we actually shoot the film in a very flat colour profile allowing for more control when we 'grade' the colour in the edit.

Let's take a look at the before/afters from this shoot. Notice how 'flat' the images are.

And this opportunity, to do something more than most projects, is testament to the commitment to the project that was shown by Roberto.

Now even Roberto would admit that he would read this article talking about colour grading and not know what we're discussing, but Roberto showed his commitment to the project through providing us with his brief, trusting us to deliver his project to that vision and providing a budget which allowed us to complete the work with this additional layer of value.

So let's talk about results, and boy are there results.

In just 4 days, Clean Ride's video racked up a whopping 12,400 views as well as impressive 245 positive reactions and got shared 48 times.

This is a massive achievement and whilst we'd love to say that it's all from the video we delivered, it really shows the impressive nature of Roberto's business, the level of service he delivers and the reputation he's built. Now, combine that with a neatly presented GINGERBEARD video and that's where viewer engagement occurs.

Oh, I almost forgot. We also delivered a couple of facility photos just to help Roberto out with his Facebook page and website.

However, all this does lead to the question to other business owners - should you be looking to advertise your business by using video? Could your advertising budget be put to better use with video? Should you consider using GINGERBEARD Media?

As ever, if you're interested in talking about how video could be right for your business, please feel free to get in touch.