WesTrac - Dig Day 2017

WesTrac, based in Guildford Western Australia, is the Caterpillar dealer for Western Australia, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory and Northern China. WesTac supplies Caterpillar construction equipment predominantly to the mining, demolition and construction industries throughout these states.

Annually, WesTrac host a sales event known as "Dig Day" whereby they provide an opportunity for the companies and individuals to see demonstrations of, and try out equipment and tools prior to purchasing. Dig Day is effectively the annual sales event for WesTrac.

So we honoured when WesTrac got in touch and asked us to deliver an event highlight video covering their 2017 Dig Day event. We headed over to Guildford to record and deliver this video for them.

Behind the scenes, we managed the project with a number of parties to really get the best from this video. We worked with WesTrac and their digital marketing agency; Bang Digital to understand both the brand and brief and then, based on that breif, also brought in Skyworks WA to deliver on some of the ariel footage show in the video - which in itself was an interesting challenge.

The area in which we're we're to film is actually located just to the rear of the Perth International Airport - which makes drone work a no-go for legal reasons so we we're unable to provide our drone services to this event. However, Skyworks were keen to demonstrate their new mast and camera option which effectively meant we could get 'drone-like' footage without concerns for safety or non-compliance to the drone laws. By using this option it provided a great opportunity to get some interesting perspectives and angles.

So over the course of a sunny morning, we managed our filming efforts with Skyworks WA to film the event - making sure we captured the real vibe of the event. We wanted to show off the interaction between WesTrac and their clients, the family-friendly side of the event, the equipment on show and the demonstration and use of the equipment. And we have tied this all together with a quick, simple and informal interview from WesTrac that helps provide a narrative to the event.

We're of the belief that too many "event highlight" videos are a turning into a series of montage shots, which is fine if all you are after is capturing the scenes on the day for those who attended, but for those who weren't there and 'happen to view' a video - which is becoming an increasing factor on social media, you need to provide some sort of storyline or context so the viewer understands what's happening in the video. So through WesTrac's commentary in this video, we provide context to the event for all viewers to understand.

In the edit we worked to pick out shots which when combined together really helped to showcase the vibe of the event. We worked to balance our shot selection with both equipment and people shots and used the 'drone' footage to help show a wide view - helping to provide context to the event. All of this was then overlayed over the commentary provided by WesTrac and by using a more dramatic soundtrack we believe we've delivered something that really engages the viewer.

Ultimately, what we've delivered is something that really helps to sell the event - both as a wrap up for the 2017 event and something to build the 2018 event - as we've actually provided two edits to this film. The 2017 edit (shown above) has been used on social media to show off the WA event before it is held in other states, and the 2018 edit (yet to be released) is actually designed to build up interest for next year. 

This method of content editing that we've provided really helps to get the best value for the client - they've effectively ended up with two products for a fraction additionally of what one product would cost. 

We'd love to thank WesTrac and Bang Digital for entrusting us with their project, and as ever, if you'd like to have a chat about event videography for your next business event, please get in touch - we're always happy to talk about how to best present your brand in video!