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Guide Dogs WA - Jeremy McClure's Abseil

Over the last month we've been working we've Guide Dogs WA to help document one of their Guide Dog users as he trained and then completed an abseil off the top of one of Perth's tallest buildings.

That's right, at 98% blind, Perth Paralympian Jeremy McClure took the plunge to descend over 160 meters down QV1 all in a bid to raise awareness and fund for Guide Dogs WA.

Our first encounter with Jeremy was around a week before his actual descent. We headed out to Statham's Quarry out in the Perth Hills as Jeremy looked to learn the basic rope skills needed to make the decent.

As we arrived on location, Jeremy was just about to start his first decent. On his 2nd descent, that's his 2nd ever, we followed Jeremy up to the top of the cliffs. On the way he asked if he could decent face-first. We knew that we working with someone that didn't mind stepping out of their comfort zone!

Let's check out the video we delivered for Jeremy's practice run.

Around a week later, as part of International Guide Dogs Day, we headed into Perth CBD to capture the main event - Jeremy's 160m abseil down the front of QV1.

Behind the scenes with these sort of events you are never sure how much footage you will be able to capture. Areas are controlled for safety and when the mainstream media arrive to capture their piece for the evening news smaller crews are often pushed back. But we'd like to thank Urban Descent who kindly allowed us to film the entire abseil - following Jeremy to the roof as he prepared as well as kindly recording the decent itself on helmet cam. Access to these areas really help to tell the story.

So let's check out the main event video!

We'd like to express our admiration to Jeremy for taking another step in his adventure - it's people like these who allow us to tell a story which really engages with others and helps to get the message out there.

And as ever, if you are interested in telling your own business story, then please feel free to get in contact. We love chatting about video!