Danielle Mariu - Client Testimonial

Getting in front of a camera to present your company, brand or product can often seem easy. But we often find that once we've set up and start rolling the nerves start to set in for the presenter. Lines are forgotten, the tongue gets twisted.... and what on earth do we do with our hands?!

It's strange to write, but actually, this is a normal day for us.

For Realtor Danielle Mariu from First National Real Estate in Port Hedland, it felt especially daunting as she felt she had added pressure as she stepped into our studio to shoot a series of videos as we worked freelance for Identity Marketing.

A lot of people consider "shooting video" to be exactly that - pressing record on a camera, in some ways it is that simple. But there's also usually a lot of work that goes into our videos before we even take a camera out.

With most projects we usually spend time working with the client to understand their project followed by the development of a script or shotplan. And then when thats completed, we head to the shoot.

For most scripted pieces we use a teleprompter - helping to take the guess work out of remembering lines. But often once we mention a teleprompter, clients relax thinking that it will make presenting a breeze. And to a point it does. The teleprompter is great at making sure lines stay on message and don't get forgotten. But what it doesn't do it help you with it the actuals on how to present your lines.

And this is where we again step in.

This is just one part of the role we assist you with when you shoot video with GINGERBEARD Media. We don't just turn a camera on, get the teleprompter rolling, hit record and leave you to it. Because trust us, that won't deliver you a great product. And that's our aim - to deliver you with an awesome tool that you will use over and over again.

So our role behind the camera is to make sure that you present your brand, product or service in line with the brand. We coach you through every take - what was good, what, and more importantly how, could the take be improved. And we answer the questions - like what do I do with my hands. We make sure that your speech pacing, inflection and delivery is nailed. Then we move onto the next piece and do it all again.

A lot of people think that stepping in front of a camera to present is easy, and in some ways, it is. In fact we actively encourage all business leaders to give it a shot - be it professionally or using their own camera, it's a great way to communicate your message.

But behind the scenes, a lot of work goes into a GINGERBEARD Media production and we do that to make sure our clients get the best product. This ranges from the pre-shoot planning that we undertake, all the way through to the coaching we provide during recording - it all helps deliver a professional product that really helps to represent your brand and ultimately, reach more potential clients and improve sales.

So if you're interested in stepping in front of a camera to showcase, advertise and market your business then we'd love to have a chat.

And for those who worry about doing it 1) don't worry we're got hundreds of people through the process before so we know how to help you and 2)....... we also offer presenter options (our infomercial package as an example) to our videos, so that if you really really really don't want to, we've got professional presenters who can take your place!