CrossFit Access - Social Media Marketing

CrossFit Access are a CrossFit gym based in 3 locations in the Northern suburbs of Perth; Malaga, Morley and Wangara.

CrossFit Access owner, Aidan Dawson approached us with an aim of building his business' brand and reaching more potential clients through a series of video marketing content. Aidan wanted lots of content that he could deliver over a longer period of time.

We first worked to understand Aidan's vision and objectives before making a suggestion for a long-term plan for social media content across all 3 locations of his business. Our overall aim with this plan was to communicate that Crossfit and specifically CrossFit Access was accessible to all - targeting and combating the common concern that 'only the fit could take part', CrossFit was 'too hardcore' - effectively building upon a 'welcome to all, whatever your fitness level' message.

To deliver a targeted message against this perception we looked to focus our video content on stories about people at CrossFit Access and their positive experiences within the gym. We believe that this is something that is more relatable and engaging with a viewer, it might be a bit 'soft' or 'fluffy' compared to the more tangible, hard facts about the facility itself, but we believe choosing soft over hard engages with viewers more.

To deliver this project we used our Social Media Content Video Package as a base, but made modifications so as to meet the client's objectives.

In our first month we delivered 15 short interviews and 4 teaser videos, lets check them out.


These interviews are designed to be short and sharp - allowing for better engagement on fast moving social media. Because of their length, they could be used on both Facebook and Instagram - increasing the amount of the use for these tools. Each video looks at one person and one topic - allowing the business owner to concentrate their sales message when they post the content, on the relevant topic at the time of posting. So these clips are focused on a specific message, but they all link back to a series of overarching messages that CrossFit Access wants to concerntrate on - this is what helps build the brand message.

Visual Teasers

Visual teasers are really designed just to give a visual feel to the business without too much engagement required - communicating their message through images alone. They are designed, even more than the short interviews, to engage people on 'the scroll' - this is the habit of scrolling down the Facebook/Instagram/Social Media feed looking for something interesting. Just like a teaser for a TV show or movie, they are designed to catch the interest with the aim of getting the viewer to click through.

Here Comes The Wrap Up

So, 19 video clips. That will certainly keep CrossFit Access busy for social media content for a while. And we'll be back shooting with them next month - so that toolbox of video marketing content that we've already provided is only going to get bigger for them. You can see more on this project in our behind the scenes post here!

If you're interested in content creation for your business on a more regular basis, then why not check out our Social Media Content Video Package - its a good start to see what we can offer, and if like CrossFit Access, it doesnt quite suit your needs - we'd be happy to customise it for you.

And as ever, if you're interested in talking about how video could be a great option for advertising and marketing your business - please feel free to get in touch!