Why Your Production Should Consider A Drone

What we do is more than just "video".

I would consider myself a "filmmaker for businesses".

Aside from all of the planning, scripting, shooting and editing, part of this role includes capturing images which truly represent the business. Just because this isn't an artistic piece, a feature length film or a wedding video doesnt mean effort should not be made when capturing the visuals for businesses.

We always look to include stunning images in a business world.

But we also need to provide context. You can have the most beautiful images in the world, but without context, they are just nice to look at. And this is especially poignant in the marketing space that we typically work in.

So context, or story is imperative when communicating for a business.

When we shoot with businesses we constantly are looking for ways to establish a scene for the viewer - what is the context of this business and why should they care?

Typically we could include an external shot of the premises so that the potential client of this business knows what they are looking for when they attend the premises. This external shot helps to provide context for the viewer of that particular business.

But drones enable us to establish context and also visually please our viewer.

The incusion of drone footage in videos is fast becoming the way to capture a different perspective on our world and they help add another level of professionalism to your business and its brand. 

We believe drones offer fantastic new opportunities for advertising and marketing to small and medium-sized businesses and that is why we're proud to have them as part of our offered services here at GINGERBEARD Media.

However, our view on the use of drones in a project is that of balance. In that their use must be balanced.

Like other pieces of equipment; that they are tools. And as such, like all tools they have strengths and weaknesses and must be used correctly to deliver an end product. And when used correctly they can definitely add a large amount of production finish to a video, and all that without the need for additional, typically large, heavy and cumbersome equipment.

Let's take a look at some examples as to where drone work has provided a next level of production to our work.

So at GINGERBEARD Media we'd love to offer the use of our drone in can utilise drone footage in your next video project - it really can bring both context to the viewer and some stunning images to your video project.

If you're interested in reading more about our drone, the legalities and safety around this piece of equipment then you can read more here or, if you just need some straigh up answers, then feel free to get in contact - we'd love to have a chat about how video could help your business.

That's all from me! Time to fly outta here!

Beard Out!