Stockland Community Grants for WA Communities

Back in November 2016 we were contacted by Pure Production;- a video production company based on the East coast who were working with their client Stockland.

Pure Production were pulling together a series of videos across Australia but they didn't have a team to do so here in Western Australia - so they asked GINGERBEARD Media to freelance on their behalf.

Our role was to deliver two shoots of raw footage, of both interviews and cutaways/b-roll, so that our footage could be edited together to make a video on Stockland Community's Grants in Western Australia. This piece would then sit as part of a series, showcasing the grants around Australia.

Over the course of one day we attended the two shoots to capture this footage - first with John Weaver and his enthusiastic team of bus restorers (The Bus Preservation Society of WA) based on the Whitman Park grounds, and then with Sian Williams, founder Kidzucate;- an anti-bullying programme in a school in the North Suburbs.

Let's check out what the Pure Productions team edited together using our raw footage.

Behind the scenes each shoot took a couple of hours to complete. When we arrived John's team were feverishly working away on the 1929 bus and we wanted to make sure we captured this hive of activity. It also helped for a sound recording purposes to wait until the team had downed tools for us to record the interview with John himself.

With Sian, we obviously had permission to shoot within the school - however this was limited because of the other children;- for whom we didn't have permission to capture footage of. So to control the privacy issues and concerns of this shoot we kept to one area of the school - the library. 

With both interviews, prior to shooting we expanded on a short brief from the client;- building a series of questions which would help shape the interviewees responses towards the clients main aims and objectives.

In the end we transferred around 30 gigabytes of 4k (ultra high-definition) video files to the client for them to edit. And this video now sits as series of 4, joining videos from other teams from Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

This project is a great example of how we work with other Australian-based media companies to help deliver their video content, and that we're entrusted to work remotely to deliver the right level, style and content of raw video footage as part of bigger project and project team.

As ever, if you're interested in talking about how we could help deliver your company's video content, be it as part of a freelance team like this project, or directly for your business - please feel free to get in contact.