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Why You Should Be Boosting Your Facebook Posts!

First Things First! Let's Talk About Basics

Boosting a post - be it on Facebook or Instagram is basically a term to describe paying for it to be used to market your business.

Most businesses choose to do this as a way of marketing their business to a select audience - they can pick those to see the ad by a number of variables - such as location, gender and interests. So if your business is "Jim's Cakes for Perth Plumbers", yes you'd definitely have a very niche business ... but you might consider boosting a post to those located in Perth and the surrounds, who either are plumbers or have an interest in plumbing - such as liking or "Plumbers Montly" facebook page.

Why Should I Boost?

So over time Facebook has changed its algorithms to ensure that business posts get seen less and less. Yes, it's painful and frustrating to admit - but it's Facebook's business model, they make money through advertising, plain and simple. So to get our posts to be seen more, we need to boost posts to get seen by our selected audience.

How Much Money Does Boosting Cost?

Here's the good news about the difference in digital advertising - boosted posts actually aren't that expensive. Compared to TV, radio, cinema or print media it's actually really cheap. And what's even better is that the system is very controllable. 

Firstly, as well as controlling who sees your ad you also control how much you spend. That's right, unlike traditional media where the minimum spend is usually pretty high, especially when you move toward TV, Facebook advertising is both cheap and controllable. You can give your content a small budget and you control how long it runs for. So you know when you pass a billboard that's out of date? Or a radio ad that talks about an event thats already happened.... well, not here!

Can I Give It a Try?

Sure. If you already have a post that you'd like to get out to more people just click the 'boost post' button that Facebook provides. From there you'll be guided through the options we've talked about - your audience, your budget and your timeframe. Facebook will even provide information on how many people you should be reaching. It's as simple as that!

Let's Wrap This Up!

Gone are the days where small business advertising is an ad in the Yellow Pages. Gone are the days where the visual media was expensive and out of reach for small businesses. Hello digital media, hello modern marketing content, hello customers!

Facebook allows us all to market and advertise our business directly to who we want to. As small business owners we're more in control than ever before. 

So if you're looking to advertise and market your business, then look to make use of Facebook's platform;- it's a great way to get your business out and noticed.

Did You Know?

GINGERBEARD Media offers a range of social media packages - meaning that when your business is looking for content to use on Facebook, we're here to support you. 

Our social media packages deliver a range of content - both pictures and video, meaning that the stress of "what should I post" never occurs. You can quickly look to the media content we've provided you with and select what you like! It's as simple as that! You can find out more about our Social Media Content Packages here!

As ever I hope this article has been of use to you. And that if you'd like to talk about how video could be helping your business - please feel free to get in contact.

Until next time, Beard Out!