Perth Internation Arts Festival 2017 - What's On Video Guides

We were recommended to Perth International Arts Festival by another local filmmaker as a company who could deliver.

PIAF needed a series of video interviews shot and then edited together with the relevant film trailer so as to use the final video for promoting the film to a relevant audience.

So over the last couple of weeks we've been working to shoot and edit these quick promotional clips for Tom (Program Director) and Brad (Marketing Director) over at PIAF.

What we've delivered is an 8-part mini-series which supports PIAF to help sell these alternative, art and foreign films as part of the Arts Festival.

Unlike most of the work we complete, Tom's commentary is actually unscripted and therefore he relies on those on the shoot to help guide his communication. So during the shoot both Head Beard Bruce and Brad provide coaching and assistance so as to ensure the message tom delivers is both concise and communicated correctly.

When we head into edit the pieces, our aim is to make the final video keep the same style and pace of the film its helping to promote - this is basic brand alignment. To do so we're using the trailer of the films to help guide our editing, believe it or not these simple pieces are actually very pleasant in how creative we need to be with our edits.

This has been a wonderful creative project to work on, and hope that the work we've delivered helps promote the films being shown at UWA Somerville and ECU Joondalup Pines. If you're interested in finding out more about the films being shown, then head here!

And as ever, if you're interested in having a chat about how this video, be it one of our video packages or a custom video (like this piece of work) could help your business to reach more clients, please feel free to get in touch- we're always happy to talk about video!