Matters of Taste - Indegogo Campaign

Long-term readers of the blog may remember our previous work with Matters of Taste;- in mid-2016 we delivered a promotional video for them to use on their website.

So when owners Tracey and Anthony got back in touch with us about their next business development, we headed over to discuss how video could help them.

It turned out Tracey and Anthony had decided that it was time for Matters of Taste to move locations and that that they saw this move also as an opportunity to upgrade to the business.

But to achieve the move and new fitout successfully they needed help from those around them, and for that they needed us to help them communicate both their vision and their need for support.

So in early February we headed over to work on a 3 location shoot with one of Perth's leading cooking school to deliver a crowdfunding video. Let's check out what we delivered.

This video now sits proudly on Matters of Taste's Indegogo web page, providing a great introduction as to this crowd-funding campaign. But it won't stop there.

Matters of Taste plan to use this video to spearhead their communication campaign;- it has already formed the head of their email marketing campaign and will be used on social media as well.

In 3 minutes we introduce Matters of Taste, provide information on their successful history and outline their vision for the future, round this off with a call to action on the viewer and we have delivered a powerful tool for them to simply and effectively explain why they are looking towards crowdfunding their next business evolution. 

You can find out more about Matters of Taste on their website and if you'd find out more about their crowd-funding then head over to their page on Indiegogo.

And if you're interested in creating your own crowd-funding video, then please feel to get in contact - we're always happy to discuss video!