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Matters of Taste - Client Testimonial

Matters of Taste are a leading cooking school in Perth who are looking to expand their business. But to do so meant that they needed to change premises and this needed the support of those around them.

Like many startup and expanding businesses, Matter of Taste owners Tracey and Anthony looked to using a crowd-funding platform to help raise funds for their business, but they also understood they needed to communicate their vision and objectives using video as part of their communication campaign.

They had selected video due to its ease in showing the aims and objectives of the move as well as the flexibility of the tool - allowing them to embed it into their Indiegogo campaign page, use it on their Facebook page and deliver the video as part of their email marketing campaigns.

So at the start of February we worked on their three location shoot. 

First, we worked collaborative with Tracey to help provide guidance on writing her script. Key here was;- 1) understanding the key communication points that Matters of Taste wanted to make, 2) ensuring that we could keep a seamless visual feel throughout the video and 3) ensuring that we kept the communication to short and punchy without losing the friendly and humorous feel that Matters of Taste gives its customers.

The shoot itself was completed over one day, but as we had three locations we needed to make sure we were efficient in our movements - time easily gets wasted by setting equipment up and moving around. In fact, whilst filming at the new premises there are actually four different locations within that one location (totalling 6 filming setups) so you can start to see how important an effective plan is prior to shooting.

After we completed the shoot at the last of the 3 locations, I sat down with Tracey to talk about her GINGERBEARD Media experience. 

Now, we don't consider our media the' usual corporate piece', and so why would our testimonials be any different? We think differently at GINGERBEARD Media, and so our own testimonials look different too - so let's check out what Tracey had to say about us and why she and Anthony chose GINGERBEARD Media.

In the rest of this blog post I wanted to expand on some key points that Tracey mentioned in this video and talk about them further with regards to GINGERBEARD Media and it's clients.


Over the last 5 years we've worked with a large range of clients, but no matter what their industry, type or size of business, for us to deliver an effective product starts with one thing;- communication.

We need to hear as much as possible from our clients about what they're trying to achieve, how they'd like to achieve it, how the end product will be used, what our role is on the project and how we will work together. And any way it works, it all starts with the client speaking and us listening.

Matters of Taste - Quote 2.png

Tracey's point bring up two further discussion points.

Firstly that it really nails home how we like to work collaboratively with our clients on their projects. "Collaboration" can range greatly between clients, some want us to lead the project for them because their experience is low, others want us to advise and guide them on how to get the best from their project - they want an active roll in their project and others want us to take instruction on their project - the client takes the lead. Any way you look at it, we have to understand our clients and work collaboratively together to achieve the a great outcome.

In the case of Matters of Taste Tracey took the lead on the script so that it incorporated all of the communication she and Anthony needed. But after Matters of Taste lead the inital phase we stepped in, moving the project from a script to how it would be shot and visually look - we took the lead. We took turns in working the lead so that we delivered the project the client envisaged.

The second part of Tracey's statement focuses partly on the importance of planning but also raises an interesting point on 'being proud'. For us, exceeding a client's expectation is always a goal, but making sure that we're also proud of a job is important.

It's strange to write, but often our own project expectations exceed the clients - it's probably because we've been delivering video for a number of years, that we hold our own projects under great scrutiny before the client even sees a review copy. Because we watch, shoot and edit hours and hours more footage than our clients we spot those small discrepancies which often get missed by our clients.

Tracey is right - we do want to deliver projects that 'we're super proud of and that really work' for our clients.

You can find a copy of the promotional video we completed for Matters of Taste in 2016 here, and a copy of their latest video here

And, as ever, if you're interested in having a chat about how this video, be it one of our video packages or a custom video could help your business to reach more clients, please feel free to get in touch- we're always happy to talk about video!