CrossFit Access - Client Testimonial

CrossFit Access are a CrossFit gym who have recently expanded to have 3 affiliates North of the river. As part of this expansion they wanted to have more video content at their disposal so that they could get on Facebook and Instagram and market both their existing and new locations.

So at the beginning of February we started work with CrossFit Access to plan, shoot and deliver a large amount of video marketing content for their social media advertising. This work is actually being completed under a customised version of our Social Media Content Video Package - which is a great way for our clients to really tailor their content to their business.

After we completed the first shoot with owner Aiden and his team, I sat down with Aiden to talk about his GINGERBEARD Media experience. Now, we don't consider our media the' usual corporate piece', and so why would our testimonials be any different? We think differently at GINGERBEARD Media, and so our own testimonials look different too - so let's check out what Aiden had to say about us and why he chose GINGERBEARD Media.

In the rest of this blog post I wanted to expand on some key points that Aiden mentioned in this video and talk about them further with regards to GINGERBEARD Media and it's clients.

Understanding Brand Messages

CrossFit Access - Quote 1.png

When we first spoke with Aiden one of his key business messages that he wanted to communicate was that CrossFit, and CrossFit Access was accessible to all. CrossFit is often thought by many as 'too hard' or 'too difficult' and Aiden was keen to show that workouts are scalable and that you didn't have to 'be fit, to get fit'. For us this message is a key understanding for our relationship and delivery of this video content with CrossFit Access, but it relates to all our business relationships.

Here at GINGERBEARD Media, we don't just shoot and hope - we always work with owners and content managers to understand the brand and it's messages that we're working with and trying to communicate. Only then can we make suggestions as to how best deliver a product for our clients use and make sure that we stay aligned to those visions throughout the production until we deliver the final product(s). 

Working with Local Businesses

For Aiden he was keen to work with us because we operate in Perth. He knows that we're a phone call away. We not in a different time zone, there isn't a language barrier and if something needs an in-depth discussion and we need a physical meeting we can do that with relative ease.

And this is a very common piece of feedback that we receive from businesses that we work with. As small businesses, we are always looking for ways to reduce expenditure, and often with Australia being close to the Indonesian and Asian markets we can easily outsource tasks without too much issue. However, some things, such as video marketing that is hard to do whilst getting the right result.

Whilst we could provide a statement about 'support local', it's actually more of a belief of 'right product, right result' - video production is something that is difficult to get right to start with, let alone when it is shipped out all over the place. That's why we spend so much of our time working with Perth-based businesses - because being local means we can work to better understand Perth and understand the needs of Perth-based businesses.

At the time of writing this article, the video content that we're delivering for Aiden at CrossFit Access is not yet available for viewing. But you can guarantee once it is we'll talk about it more here on the blog - so if you're keen to see it pop back or follow us on our socials to make sure you don't miss it!

As mentioned earlier in the article, our Social Media Content Video Package - which delivers large amounts of content for businesses to use on their social media is a great way to get your business messages out there on a regular basis.

So, as ever, if you're interested in having a chat about how this video package, one of our other video packages or a custom video could help your business to reach more clients, please feel free to get in touch- we're always happy to talk about video!